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Why You Probably Won't Hear About the Extravagant Expenditures Aimed at Keeping Hunter Biden Safe

AP Photo/Nick Wass

Spencer wrote about this earlier today. The Secret Service is spending some $30,000 a month trying to keep Hunter Biden safe. If this was aimed at measures to protect this walking trainwreck of the Biden family, that would be one thing. It seems a lot of the expenditures is aimed at giving the agents a very nice place to stay, like a six-bedroom mansion “with a gym, a tasting room, a built-in barbecue, a pool, a spa, and a spiral staircase that leads up to a ‘castle-like tower to the master retreat with wet bar’ to make for ‘resort style living at its finest.’”


No one denies that Hunter deserves protection. He’s a member of the First Family. Second, he needs protection from himself. The man was banned from the Chateau Marmont in California for his drug-laced escapades with hookers. Then again, I’m not so sure taxpayers would be pleased about this price tag. If not, then the liberal media can’t really say anything if we complain since they went nuts over any expenditure made to protect Donald Trump and his family. This was all noted by our friends at Newsbusters, who also zeroed in on how this story is the latest snow job by the liberal media. The media suffocated the Hunter Biden laptop story which we all knew was true in 2020. They’re finally admitting that the laptop was not Russian disinformation. Now, they’re onto keeping this story quiet. 

The ABC News story about the price tag to protect Hunter was posted before 5 AM. And the networks did their best to not mention a peep about it (via Newsbusters):

Along with CBS Mornings and NBC’s Today, ABC’s Good Morning America decided it wouldn’t do its job on Monday of covering the latest layer of the Hunter Biden saga as a new report said the Secret Service is spending “more than $30,000 a month to rent out a swanky Malibu, California, mansion” to protect the First Son. 

The outlet that reported this in a 1,433-word story, posted at 4:54 a.m. Eastern?!

So, yes, ABC made the decision to ignore the work from three of its own reporters (Josh Margolin, John Santucci, and Soo Rin Kim) in favor of stories such recapping The Grammy’s from the night before, which they combined with CBS and NBC for 19 minutes and 48 seconds of coverage.


The liberal media spent over four years losing its mind over any and all matters concerning the protection of President Trump and his family, but they’ve shown an aversion to the same posture with their own team and the Biden family.


It’s the cumulative effect here. It’s the pattern. It’s nothing new, but we must document it because we all know if this were a Republican administration—the costs would have been mentioned at the top of the hour. Granted, it’s a minor story. The real scandal rests with Hunter Biden, the laptop, and “the big guy” who was slated to get a 10 percent stake in a Chinese energy company on a deal that fell through. I think we all know who that person is. 

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