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Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Chris Cuomo has been fired by CNN, but he is not going quietly into the night. The ex-host was terminated after it was discovered that he breached the network’s code of ethics by offering advice on messaging and crisis management when his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was engulfed in a sexual misconduct scandal. Chris even offered to find information about his brother’s accusers and was in contact with his brother’s top aide Melissa DeRosa, who you know is the person who admitted that the governor’s office cooked the books on the true COVID death toll. After months of people wondering if any accountability measures will be applied for Chris Cuomo’s unethical escapades, he was finally indefinitely suspended by the network in early December and later given his pink slip shortly thereafter. 


After his firing, Cuomo allegedly leaked information about CNN president Jeff Zucker’s relationship with Allison Gollust, the network’s then-marketing and communications chief.  Zucker was forced to resign soon after Cuomo’s termination. It doesn’t end here. Cuomo wants money—a lot of money. He claims he was wrongfully terminated, and that this episode has smeared his journalistic integrity. I’ll just leave that there with no comment. You can take all your swipes at him in the comments section below. So, how much does he want? Oh, just a cool $125 million (via NY Post):

Fired CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has filed an arbitration claim seeking a staggering $125 million from CNN, claiming his “journalistic integrity” was “unjustifiably smeared,” The Post has confirmed.

Lawyers for the disgraced newsman argue that, “Cuomo has been damaged in countless ways” by being “unceremoniously” fired late last year.

The filing states that the amount former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s brother is demanding is based on lost back pay, bonuses and future earnings — but mostly because Chris was disparaged by former boss Jeff Zucker and fellow CNN anchors.

Chris was fired for helping his brother fight sexual harassment allegations, which led to the governor’s rapid fall from grace and his eventual resignation. Zucker and lover Allison Gollust were also fired by CNN when it was revealed they were in an undisclosed relationship, while also having had their own close ties to Andrew Cuomo.


Cuomo  by New York Post

Chris also faced a sexual harassment complaint prior to his firing. Was that why he was really fired? Who knows? But Chris is willing to go to war over this, and this isn’t shocking. He’s part of a prominent political family in the Empire State. He probably has plenty of support from liberals who look the other way when their side acts like this—and he’s got deep pockets as well. There will probably be a settlement. Either way, Chris is looking at a potentially big payday. Being unethical can be lucrative. 

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