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AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Remember Black Lives Matter? What happened to them? What’s going on? I thought there was some covert genocide against black Americans going on behalf of the police. I thought the police were just shooting people left and right. They’re not. And as we’ve known for years since this left-wing circus came to town was that almost everyone the police have shot over the course of the year deserved it. Most of the cases where police discharged their firearms involved a suspect that was armed, and in most cases the person was white. It’s also grounded in a total lie. We all know ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ was purely fake news


Could there be common ground by holding police accountable? Sure. Are there bad cops out there? No doubt. We saw that with the Laquan McDonald shooting in Chicago back in 2014. This is the officer-involved shooting death that damaged then-Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel after it was discovered his office tried to bury it until after the mayoral election. 

Yet, there are other issues. Local leaders are being arrested for voter fraud. We had one of the co-founders of the movement blowing millions on real estate, which led to her resignation and a power vacuum. No one wanted to take the reins of a group that has some $60 million in the bank. Who’s in charge of the books? No one can say because no one knows really. The stench of fraud and malfeasance is so great that Amazon, the mecca of corporate wokeism, has suspended BLM from its charity platform. Now, we have another BLM leader being charged with fraud in Boston (via NY Post):

A prominent Black Lives Matter leader in Boston and her husband have been charged with using a $6,000 grant to take at-risk youth to a Philadelphia retreat on themselves — for a getaway to Maryland, restaurants and shopping sprees, among other things.

Monica Cannon-Grant, 41, founder of the nonprofit Violence in Boston, and her husband,, Clark Grant, 38, were charged Tuesday in an 18-count federal indictment, including charges for wire fraud and making false statements to a mortgage lending business.

In June 2019, she was given a check for $6,000 for a trip to Philly “to give these young men exposure to communities outside of the violence riddled neighborhoods that they navigate daily,” the Boston Globe reported.

Instead, the couple used the money to take a vacation to Maryland, eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Shake Shack and other eateries, and pay for car rentals, Walmart purchases and visits to a nail salon, the feds allege.

The indictment charges them in connection with three separate schemes — defrauding donors, lying on a mortgage application and illegally collecting about $100,000 in pandemic unemployment benefits, according to the Globe.


Yeah, no wonder why BLM doesn’t have a leader right now. They’re all crooks. 


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