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AP Photo/Ben Gray

Election integrity matters. This isn’t a controversial subject. Only the mentally ill think this is a covert operation aimed at curbing voting rights for nonwhite Americans. And the people who think that happen to be Biden supporters. I know, it’s a major development that we’ve never seen ever. It’s not racist. It’s not Jim Crow 2.0. The urban-based liberal elite talking point has NEVER gained traction anywhere. Even non-whites support voter ID laws, which have been extremely popular for years. In Texas, their voter integrity laws went into effect before their state’s primaries, and it was effective in stopping the steal. Thousands of ballots were rejected for failing to meet the new voter ID requirements.


Now, an election commissioner in Harris County, Texas has resigned for not counting some 10,000 ballots. When this oversight was discovered, Ms. Isabel Longoria decided to call it quits. This comes after the secretary of state office found that 12,000 non-citizens were able to cast ballots in the recent elections (via Just The News):

The elections commissioner in Texas' largest county has resigned after revelations that 10,000 ballots were not counted in the Houston area in last week’s primary election.

“The buck stops with me to address issues for voters, and I did not meet my own standard or the standard set by commissioners,” Harris County Elections Commissioner Isabel Longoria said Tuesday in announcing her resignation during a meeting of the county commission.

Longoria said her resignation would take effect July 1 to ensure "there is a presiding officer during the May and June elections and allows the election commission the time they need to find a replacement. I remain committed to the office and its mission and hope to aid in defeating harmful rhetoric to ensure successful elections in the future.”


The revelations about the uncounted votes comes just weeks after the Texas secretary of state finished an audit that found nearly 12,000 foreigners had made it into the state's voter rolls. Non-citizens are forbidden from voting in Texas.

So, in the end, Texas’ election integrity laws were not the issue at all. 

The commissioner didn’t even count the votes. How is this Jim Crow reloaded? Oh, right—it’s not. It never has been. Every vote deserves to be counted. I’ve been told this ad nauseum. Harris County, a Democratic bastion, failed miserably in that effort. By their rules, the entire county is infested with the Klan. 


Maybe there should be a DOJ investigation. Is James Comey available? 

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