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The Liberal Media Reaction Over Biden's State of the Union Was Forced, Predictable, and Overall Sad

AP Photo/Ron Harris

I wanted to hide under the bed for most of Joe Biden’s State of the Union. I felt like I was subjected to an hour’s worth of whiplash. It was spotty. It went all over the place. It was a frenetic and disorganized mess, possibly because it was re-written in a few parts. We have a war in Ukraine, rising fuel costs, inflation that’s out of control, a border crisis unresolved, and a Democratic Party that is just circling the drain under this guy. They had to polish some parts, add others, and do major surgery on the rest. 


It was Frankenstein’s creature—and it was delivered by someone who is a few steps away from having the 25th Amendment invoked. It was a true recycle of the Obama years’ objectives but with a different and sloppier messenger. Still, Biden’s first State of the Union was seen as a super-grand slam. CNN’s Van Jones was over the moon for the speech. Democracy didn’t exist until Joe Biden was elected president, forget Clisthenes. Other outlets, like ABC News, felt the address wasn’t partisan. Were they even listening?  

The best part comes that after all the praise from Jones, his CNN colleague David Chalian noted that in a poll conducted by those who just watched the speech, 41 percent had a ‘very positive’ view of it, down 10 points from last year’s joint address. It’s the lowest ‘very positive’ view rating for a speech in the last 15 years of instant polling. 


How could that be? Well, maybe it’s because these folks like to bash normal Americans and it’s not just rural Republicans. It’s now ordinary parents. Yes, CNN actually decided to rehash the ‘war on parents’ narrative concerning education. 


They just don’t learn.

It wasn’t all universally accepted on the Left. David Axelrod, Obama’s former top aide, and adviser, noted that Biden’s inflation portion of the speech was more of a “drive-by,” and added that the speech devolved into a laundry list that did not turn the tide. 

The reaction was forced. It was an overreach. It was trying to polish a turd, which is not possible. You already know this. I’m not saying anything new, but we’re rapidly approaching state-run media with these guys. We might already be there. 


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