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Here's the Fact Check on Mike Pompeo That Was Too Much Even for Some Liberal Media Members

There is no more “good news” for the liberal media. There’s nothing they can spin to make the Democrats look good. The jobs report is bad. COVID cases are spiking due to Omicron. Inflation is still a problem. The global supply chain is still an issue. And the border remains a total fiasco. Democrats will fail to tweak the filibuster rules, which truly kills any chance of Build Back Better coming back to life this year. There is nothing but bad news when it comes to Joe Biden and the Democrats, so some in the media decided to fact check Mike Pompeo…for losing weight? 


No, I’m not kidding. The Kansas City Star decided to publish an editorial where they talked to experts about the former secretary of state losing 90 pounds in six months. It was too much, even for some members of the liberal media. It was ridiculous. Pompeo said he started working out almost every day and eating right. Gone were the days of eating sugary snacks by the fist-full and cheeseburgers like when he was in public life, a habit he admitted which led to his weight gain. 

"I tried to get down there five, six times a week and stay at it for a half-hour or so…There was no trainer, there was no dietician. It was just me,” he said. Somehow, that was worthy of fact-checking (via Fox News):

The Kansas City Star is facing backlash over an article authored by the paper's editorial board suggesting former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was being dishonest about his drastic weight loss. 


…the editorial board of the Missouri newspaper was skeptical of the former Kansas congressman's simplistic explanation for his stunning weight loss, publishing a piece titled, "‘Dude, just tell the truth’: Mike Pompeo lost 90 lbs, but not the way he said he did."

"We asked weight loss experts, and people who have lost large amounts of weight themselves, whether it’s possible to lose 90 pounds in six months simply by eating better and hitting a humble home gym for half an hour five or six times a week," the editorial board began the article. "Their response? Absolutely not, almost certainly not, and hahaha."


"This unsigned editorial reads like one long mean tweet," Politico correspondent Christopher Cadelago wrote. "The star accuses Pompeo of lying w/ no proof he did. Why not be happy for the guy. He’s almost certainly healthier."

"Ladies and gentlemen, the editorial board of the Kansas City Star," Washington Post editor Amy Argetsinger tweeted.

"‘We asked weight loss experts …’ — as begins every serious, self-respecting piece of journalism at a time when democratic norms are crumbling. Ugh," Politico correspondent David Siders slammed the article.


I mean, everyone is different, folks. There is no ‘one plan’ for everyone. There are loads of stories about former offensive linemen who dropped a ton of weight mere months after their retirement. A huge part of it is diet. They’re not eating whole cartons of eggs and eating five-six times a day to keep their weight hefty to be those brick walls that protect the QB from the pass rush while also becoming bulldozers that create highways for the running backs. Ex-Ravens OT Marshal Yanda lost 60 pounds in three months, mostly through the Pelton and not eating 6,000 calories a day. Former Browns OT and future hall of famer, Joe Thomas swam three times a week for 30 minutes to get started. He’s had five knee surgeries; running was not an option. He’s probably moved on to other things—but initially, that’s what he did to slim down big league.  

Frankly, the overarching theme here is that it’s really none of your business, Kansas City Star. Who cares? Mr. Pompeo is healthier. Does that give you agita? It would have been best just to leave this space blank if this was what was going to be printed, I guess. 

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