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Cracked Out CNN Panel's Take on Kyle Rittenhouse Coverage Will Astonish

AP Photo/Ron Harris

Julio is on the ground in Kenosha, Wisconsin covering the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Rittenhouse is on trial for shooting and killing two men who allegedly tried to kill him. The prosecution’s case was ripped apart on Monday when the one survivor admitted he pulled his gun on Rittenhouse first. One lawyer for the prosecution is caught doing a facepalm when this admission from their star witness Gaige Grosskreutz was aired for the court:


"I was never trying to kill the defendant," Grosskreutz said.

Upon cross-examination, defense lawyer Corey Chirafisi got Grosskreutz to admit he lied to police on several occasions:

Grosskreutz told officers shortly after the shooting that "I dropped my firearm." 

The defense said that was a lie because Grosskreutz chased after Rittenhouse and he had just testified he pulled out his gun while running.

The defense got Grosskreutz to admit in court in the lawsuit he has filed against the city of Kenosha, he is demanding $10 million for damages, he failed to mention he was armed when he was shot by Rittenhouse.

Grosskreutz said it is not true to say he chased after Rittenhouse. Chirafisi then showed Grosskreutz a picture of him grabbing his handgun while running toward Rittenhouse. Even after being shown the photo, Grosskreutz still said he was not chasing Rittenhouse.

Grosskreutz initially told police he shouted to Anthony Huber to stop hitting Rittenhouse with a skateboard. When pressed by Chirafisi, Grosskreutz said "with the benefit of hindsight" that is not true.

Yet, on the media side of things, CNN had a cracked-out panel that suggested Kyle benefitted from positive coverage. That’s just not true. Tom Elliott of Grabien has the receipts:


We all know the media cannot cover sexual assaults accurately. We saw that with the Duke Lacrosse case. We saw that with the gang rape of ‘Jackie’ that never happened. And now we can add the 2020 riots to the ongoing list of subjects the media just simply cannot write about.   

The two people shot by Rittenhouse who later succumbed to their wounds were Joseph Rosenbaum, a child rapist, and Anthony Huber, who was also a rapist and a domestic abuser.

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