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AP Photo/Palm Beach Sheriff's Office

He was a terrible human being. No one is really sad that he’s gone, but there are a lot of questions about Jeffrey Epstein and his untimely death. Was it suicide? That’s the official designation. I don’t think there’s anyone in America who isn’t suspicious of what happened to the wealthy and connected hedge fund manager who reportedly had tapes of debauchery with prominent individuals. His “pedophile island” was also reportedly wired for sound. He had connections to some of the most powerful people on the planet, including the Clintons and members of the British Royal Family. It’s not hard to see how there could be many, MANY people with a vested interest in seeing Epstein dead after his indictment for trafficking underage girls, which was handed down in July of 2019. On August 10, 2019, he was dead


Now, he did reportedly attempt suicide before, but the video footage is missing. He was put on suicide watch, then taken off it before he was found dead in his cell. Two guards that were supposed to watch him falsified their logs. In fact, at least eight Bureau of Prisons staffers were instructed not to leave this guy alone but did in the 24 hours leading up to the discovery of his body. Besides his death, how did this guy operate for years with nothing more than a slap on the wrist? Epstein was a known creeper for years. There were mounds of evidence. They had multiple witnesses. And the Department of Justice dragged its feet? Why? Epstein’s lawyers were even successful in halting letters informing his victims of the controversial plea deal that was hashed out in 2007-2008. This would have afforded the victims the right to be heard at any plea or sentencing hearing. What’s going on? 

It circles back to the allegation that Epstein was involved in US intelligence matters. Techno Fog, a lawyer who was excellent following Michael Flynn's descent into legal purgatory, had a lengthy post about why Epstein was able to—at least for a short while—pretty much get away with sexually abusing underage girls. Maybe he was an asset? 

There are sources telling Vicky Ward of Rolling Stone that “Epstein’s dealings in the arms world in the 1980s had led him to work for multiple governments, including the Israelis.” Ward’s sources said that Epstein “was known in the intelligence world as a ‘hyper-fixer,’ somebody who can go between different cultures and networks.”

As to the allegations that Epstein was dealing arms in the 1980s – if true, then likely in conjunction with US or Israeli intelligence – that might explain why he had an Austrian passport that was used to enter France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia in the 1980s.

And it’s easy to imagine Epstein being a “hyper-fixer” in the 1990s-2000s, given his ties to influential political and corporate figures. Think Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Leslie Wexner (of Victoria Secret’s fame), to name a few.

Adding to the intrigue is this excerpt we reported from Ghislaine Maxwell’s deposition, where Epstein had reportedly told people he worked for the US government to “recover stolen funds.”


Juxtaposed that allegation with how the DOJ handled this case. Here's part of that timeline:

Andrew Oosterbaan, then-DOJ Chief of the Criminal Division’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, was advised of plea negotiations and the non-prosecution agreement.

Main Justice official Andy Lourie was also involved. (Lourie was the acting chief of the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division in Washington in 2006, before becoming the acting principal deputy assistant attorney general and chief of staff to the Criminal Division by 2007. In 2007, he was also an assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of Florida.)

In early 2008, as there were discussions of a renewed federal plea agreement and concerns about press coverage, the FBI was involved in Epstein meetings in DC. This is consistent with the involvement of Main Justice in some of the most important aspects of the Epstein matter, from reviewing the non-prosecution agreement to apparently delaying the development of the case

Main Justice was even blamed for the delay in presenting the Epstein case to a grand jury.


According to Alex Acosta, the former US Attorney who signed the NPA, he was instructed to back off the case because Epstein was above his pay grade. Acosta supposedly told Trump transition officials that “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone.”


Fog adds that the principal characters at the DOJ who were involved with this plea is a good starting point in answering who instructed Mr. Acosta to leave Jeffrey alone. Yet, Techno also concedes in the beginning that maybe Epstein did off himself as he altered his will prior to his death, a tell-tale sign that he knew something was going to happen to him. He was also facing a serious jail sentence. Yet, the post also notes that without solid evidence the tale of Jeffrey Epstein and his death might be another unsolved tale. Sexual abuse of minors being ignored offers an interesting angle to the ‘Epstein: government asset’ narrative, but let’s take this slow.  

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