'Decolonize Your Bookshelf'? Here's the Critical Race Theory Training That Awaits the Employees of Raytheon

Posted: Jul 07, 2021 1:45 PM
'Decolonize Your Bookshelf'? Here's the Critical Race Theory Training That Awaits the Employees of Raytheon

Source: AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis

Raytheon has caved to the "woke" Left. It's happened. And now its employees will be subjected to hell because critical race theory training is coming. Bashing white people is on the list. Intersectionality is also on the list. Christopher Rufo of the Manhattan Institute had a lengthy thread of what is to come for these poor employees of the nation's second-largest defense contractor. They've already divided the employees into groups based on race. Raytheon's CEO had launched an anti-racist campaign last summer. This is the next stage of evolution. 

"The program is centered on 'intersectionality,' a core component of critical race theory that divides the world into competing identity groups, with race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other categories defining an individual's place within the hierarchy of oppression," wrote Rufo. Oh yeah, it's some messed up stuff, folks. You all know that, and it eventually eats its own. 

We've seen that with Jewish LGBT members. Let's circle back to 2017 when those carrying Star of David pride flags were asked to leave the Dyke March in Chicago because some people were triggered. In the eyes of the Left, Israel, being an apartheid state (stupid term), is an enemy. DC Dyke March also banned those flags. They were unsafe. It could also just be the explicit anti-Semitism that's inherent among members of the far-left. 

But back to Raytheon's seven circles of "woke" hell that will be waiting for its employees. 

"Raytheon then asks white employees to deconstruct their identities and 'identify [their] privilege.' The company argues that white, straight, Christian men are at the top of the oppression hierarchy—and must work on 'recognizing [their] privilege' and 'step aside' for minorities," added Rufo. 

"Whites must acknowledge that their own discomfort is 'a fraction' of their black colleagues,' who are 'exhausted, mentally drained, frustrated, stressed, barely sleeping, scared and overwhelmed.'"

Oh, and here's the grand finale: 

…the company encourages white employees to "defund the police," "participate in reparations,” "decolonize your bookshelf," "join a local 'white space.'"

Wokeness has infected the liberal media, the Democratic Party, college campuses, big tech, corporations, sports, the Pentagon, and now the guys who keep our arsenal well-stocked. 

God help us all. 

But maybe it'll be like Coca-Cola. They got "woke," but it went flat quickly. One can hope, I guess.