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AP Photo/Chris Seward

These guys really can't let go. They can't get over the fact that Donald Trump ruined their best laid plans that were exposed as screwing people out of their money. Of course, we're talking about the Lincoln Project. The anti-Trump group is pretty much braindead. The key people are gone. Its co-founder, John Weaver, engulfed the entire operation in a sex scandal centering around inappropriate messages to scores of young men. They're a joke, though whoever is left there keeps peddling social media posts that are appalling in their lack of self-awareness. And if they're not posting things for which they shouldn't be commenting on due to the sex scandal, we have other ex-core members, like Steve Schmidt, saying insane stuff like this (via The Hill): 


Steve Schmidt, co-founder of the anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project, slammed the media for its coverage of the former president ending his blog, and warned that Trump's words will “surely kill again.”

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Schmidt, a veteran GOP strategist, weighed into on how to assess the former president’s relativity and power amid the shutdown of the “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” blog.

Schmidt criticized the “profoundly stupid media coverage” around the blog's shutdown, and argued against the notion that it's “evidence of his decline, irrelevance and diminishment.”


“Trump has the ability to kill and destroy with the spoken word. His words; his lies, delusions and conspiracy theories have caused bloodshed. That is what happened on January 6th. His words will surely kill again,” Schmidt said.

Oh, we're back to the non-insurrection that occurred on January 6. It was a riot, not an armed insurrection. The only person who died inside the building was Ashli Babbitt. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was later revealed to have died of natural causes. The rioters didn't kill him, which remains the prevailing liberal media lie. The former president deserves his First Amendment rights, Steve, no matter how much you may hate him. Sorry, that's how things work here in America. 


Trump's ban on Facebook was said to be on a two-year timetable. The social media giant will revisit reinstatement after that time. 

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