In First Big China Test, Team Biden Got Rolled...And It's Painful to Watch

Posted: Mar 19, 2021 6:00 AM
In First Big China Test, Team Biden Got Rolled...And It's Painful to Watch

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Team Biden had their first big foreign policy test with China—and they failed. There’s no way to spin it. Even the liberal media is saying the whole meeting in Alaska devolved into anarchy. This meeting is supposedly the one that will determine if President Depends is going to meet with Xi Jinping. By how things turned out, I don’t think we should even consider it. Why embarrass the United States even more? Secretary of State Tony Blinken just exposed how weak we are in dealing with China. They know it. We got trashed on our own soil and from the looks of it, we didn’t really respond in any way, shape, or form. We got rolled in front of the cameras (via Daily Beast):

In his opening remarks, Blinken reportedly criticized China for its treatment of Uyghur minorities, its cyber attacks against the U.S., and its tight grasp on Hong Kong.

According to Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs, Jiechi responded by saying that the U.S. is the “champion” of cyber attacks, that it has a “deeply-rooted human rights problem”—including its history of killing Black people—and that the country doesn’t represent “global public opinion.”


The Alaska talks were to be a deciding factor on whether U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping will be meeting next month, according to earlier reporting by Bloomberg.The fiery exchange on Thursday may have put the prospects of that meeting into question.

The final insult was when top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi said, “So, let me say here that in front of the Chinese side, the United States does not have the qualifications to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength.” It’s all in the clips, a rather ignominious ‘watch until the end’ footnote regarding that exercise. 

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China knows Biden is weak. They know we’re weak. And they came barreling through the line of scrimmage like Brandon Jacobs. This is the basement ambush in Donnie Brasco. It’s a bloody mess. 

Joe will eventually meet with Jinping at some point, but Beijing is bound to go in for the kill when Biden forgets where he is during whatever conversation these two men will have. It’s only a matter of time. Then again, since Joe is already compromised by the Chinese, the order to play it easy and get a face full of buckshot could also be a possibility.