Gov. Cuomo Was Just Dealt a Severe Blow from His Own Party. Will It Be a Fatal One?

Posted: Mar 12, 2021 6:00 AM
Gov. Cuomo Was Just Dealt a Severe Blow from His Own Party. Will It Be a Fatal One?

Source: Darren McGee/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP

Well, it’s finally arrived, but will state Democrats follow through? New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is facing a two-front war. He’s dealing with a bombshell scandal that his aides cooked the books on the real COVID death toll while also dealing with a slew of sexual misconduct allegations from several women. The media is focusing on the latter, though Cuomo undercounting COVID deaths from nursing homes by 50 percent is the real scandal. Thousands died under his executive order that forced nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients. The New York state attorney general's office, which released the report about Cuomo undercounting deaths, also noted that this order might have helped spread the disease and jacked up the death toll. 

Cuomo and his goons’ years-long campaign of bullying and harassment which helped squash stories he didn’t like has been documented. He also came after members of his own party who spoke out against him when the COVID death toll report was released. The man viewed as the savior of COVID was really just an incompetent moron, who allegedly was very handsy with his female staffers. And bumbling idiots always wreck the china closet. Cuomo has refused to resign prompting state Democrats to get things in motion concerning a formal impeachment push (via Politico):

Democrats in the New York Legislature delivered a severe blow to Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday, emerging from a lengthy private meeting with a promise to launch their own investigation into the governor’s behavior — the first step toward impeachment.

Speaker Carl Heastie, addressing Democratic Assembly colleagues in the roughly five-hour meeting, laid out the “potential paths forward” to removing the increasingly embattled governor from office, according to four lawmakers in attendance. Two described the meeting as tense.

By the time the closed-door debate officially wrapped around 5 p.m., a decision had been made: The Assembly would authorize the chamber’s Judiciary Committee to look into the allegations against Cuomo, arming the committee with subpoena power and likely the aid of outside legal counsel.


Heastie said the chamber’s investigation would run concurrent — and would not interfere with — an independent probe Attorney General Tish James has launched into Cuomo, who has faced growing calls for his resignation amid allegations of sexual harassment, inappropriate workplace behavior and a cover-up of Covid-19 nursing home deaths. Cuomo's administration also referred the latest accusation to the Albany Police Department.

When New York state Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins called for Cuomo to resign, that seems to be the harbinger for where we are now with crime boss Andy. The question is whether the governor will actually be impeached or if this will be another time where the politicians were ‘all talk, no action.’

Time will tell, but the more this drags on, the more the COVID cover-up festers and the more women come out of the woodwork to detail their allegations about how Cuomo harassed them, forcibly kissed them, touched them, or asked if they would play strip poker with him.