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We Have Another Fauci Reversal...This Time on the COVID Vaccine

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

I honestly don’t know what to say anymore. It’s like we’ve never seen viruses before COVID. How can news of a vaccine being effective against spreading a virus be...actual breaking news? Of course, vaccines do that. It’s why you get your shots as a kid. It’s why you get the meningococcal meningitis shot before you start college. It stops the spread of the disease. It also prevents you from getting infected. We’ve seen some grade-A science fiction lately and no; you don’t need a medical degree to call out the BS. 

Remember that line 'you can still spread it even if you get vaccinated? What kind of anti-science crapola is that? On top of this illogical tripe, we have ever-changing narratives coming from the so-called expert class that is driving all of us insane (via NBC News):

A growing body of evidence suggests that the Covid-19 vaccine can slow the spread of the coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Wednesday.

Whether vaccination can prevent transmission of the virus is “the looming question,” Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said during a White House coronavirus response team briefing. “If a person gets infected despite being vaccinated — we refer to that as a ‘breakthrough’ infection — does that person have the capability of transmitting to another person?”

“There have been some studies that are pointing in a very favorable direction,” he said, adding that these studies will have to be corroborated by additional research.

Fauci highlighted two recent studies that looked at a person’s viral load — that is, how much virus he or she has in the body — and transmissibility.

I gave Dr. Anthony Fauci the benefit of the doubt. I should have known such investments would have incurred massive losses at the close of trading. Fauci is arrogant. He loves to hear himself talk, and that 60 Minutes interview where he lamented about political division was just rich. Look in the mirror, pal. You and your people caused a lot of it with your drivel about COVID. The mask advice was a train wreck and now you’re doing the same with vaccines. What just broke about the vaccine and transmission is exactly the opposite of what Fauci had said previously. 

It all looks politically motivated and that’s because it is. We didn’t elect these people. We didn’t elect any of these COVID experts who frightened the nation and gave juice to the Democrats’ power grab fetish during this pandemic. Remote learning isn't working. Lockdowns don’t work. As for masks, well, please tell me how they’re working. California has a near-universal compliance rate and they still got 1 million cases in six weeks over the holidays. 

I think yes, masks do work if we all get custom-fitted ones, but that’s impractical. It’s almost as impractical as the media peddling that CDC study about double-masking. Did they read the fine print? It was done with mannequins with clear citations that this study has zero real-world applicability. 

 Yes, it's a new virus. There will be 180-degree turns, but patience wears rapidly thin when a) it’s weaponized by Democrats and the media to attack a sitting administration they don’t like in nakedly political attacks and b) used to justify a lockdown regime that’s crippled this nation unnecessarily. Is it about safety or winning an election? I think you all know the answer to that question.

The science is clear. It’s safe to reopen schools, but the lockdown czars aren’t budging. That’s what happens when you give legitimacy to these crazy Democrats. This whole fiasco was about how long they could trample the Constitution during a medical emergency. They got very far on that front and Mr. Fauci was there to assist them every step of the way. It may have been unintentional, but it is what it is, doc. 

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