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Fox News Just Made Another Horrible Decision Regarding Their 2020 Election Coverage

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Are you kidding me? Did Fox News really just do that to White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany? Host Neil Cavuto cut away from her presser about voter fraud and the effort to count every legal vote in this election. That apparently was triggering or not appropriate for Mr. Cavuto. He cut away. This comes after the network was first to call Arizona for Joe Biden, who by the way, hasn’t won the state yet. 

It’s close there. And it could be flipped by Trump. Yes, MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki made that point, which caused host Rachel Maddow to panic. A Democrat runs Fox News’ polling and election desk operation. And they said there’s no way Trump can win. Well, he can. They’re wrong. The votes haven’t been counted, and when MSNBC or CNN hasn’t called it yet, you know that’s a red flag.

And then, there’s this moment from Sandra Smith who was not happy to hear a guest say that the news networks don’t get to decide who won the election. These serial trip-ups, especially the Arizona call, has infuriated the Fox News viewership, and rightfully so. 

There are really no questions regarding the integrity of the votes in this election? Yeah, apparently some people can say that with a straight face:

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