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AP Photo/Tom Gannam

Right now, Hunter Biden must be really pounding his head against the wall for not picking up his MacBook Pro, which he dropped off at a repair shop in Delaware in April 2019. This is what led to the owner of the shop making copies of the hard drive, handing it over to the FBI, and a lawyer for Rudy Giuliani. The FBI has had this for months, but only now say they're investigating it for being possibly part of a foreign intelligence operation. It’s a mess. Most importantly, it sheds more light on the alleged corrupt dealings of the Biden family. Joe Biden said he knew nothing about the business dealings of his son, Hunter. Well, that turns out to be a total lie.


Hunter was on the board of Ukrainian company Burisma, making $50k/month allegedly selling access to top Obama officials; he got the gig in 2014. Joe Biden was introduced to executives of the company, with Burisma obtaining leaked access to an Obama White House conference call. Hunter was earning his keep. More emails show that Burisma heads were expecting Hunter to use his pull to keep the company out of legal trouble; the company was being investigated for corruption. Joe Biden would later fire the prosecutor, leaning on the Ukrainians with threats of withholding aid. The New York Post obtained these emails, which drew Facebook and Twitter to censor their coverage. Twitter locked them out of their platform.

And now, we have text messages between Hunter, a known addict, and his father, where the former warns him that he’s a f**ked up addict” who cannot be trusted. Well, that "trusted" part certainly turned out to be true. The man couldn’t even remember to pick up his laptop that contained very sensitive and embarrassing information about the Biden family dealings (via NY Post):

The intimate family exchange took place on February 24, 2019, two months before Joe launched his campaign for the White House.

“Good morning my beautiful son. I miss you and love you. Dad,” the elder Biden wrote at 6:57 a.m.

Hunter responded with a lengthy diatribe about his ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, and his father’s political advisers, and he also complained bitterly about a conversation with his sister-in-law-turned-lover, Hallie Biden.

“For f–ks sake hallie for the first time [in] 17 days talks to me to say im an embarrassment. To MY family,” Hunter wrote.

He then admitted, “Well dad, the truth is as you and hallie point out — I am a f–ked up addict that cant be…Trusted relied upon nor defended.”


Hunter’s rage at the start of the exchange was prompted by a Feb. 23, 2019, New York Times column by Maureen Dowd, from which he quoted her referring to him as “the troubled Hunter.”


I mean, again—he is the “troubled Biden.” His inability to pick up his own property is what has exposed his father as a liar and one who took advantage of American foreign policy to enrich his family.

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