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Keeping a Lid on Things: Here's How Many Times Joe Has Called It a Day Before 10 AM.

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

What is Joe Biden doing? I will keep asking this question because the 2020 election cycle just got hit with a nuke with the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg—and the man is fleeing into the bunker. We have a Supreme Court fight. We have an issue that can get his base motivated. Liberal America is in a state of total panic, and he’s in the basement. Granted, now, they’re more or less coming around to the fact that they can’t block President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, but this is prime fundraising and rallying fodder. Nope. Joe would rather call a lid before 10 AM like he did yesterday. 

He’s done so seven times in the past two weeks and eleven times in the past 26 days, according to Joe Concha who asks if this is a preview to the Joe Biden presidency; one that rarely works. 

This is becoming a campaign issue. For a man who says how he’ll bring back the economy better, how he could make COVID vanish with his policy, and how he’ll bring respect back to America in the international arena, which supposedly has been degraded by this president—he’s taking a lot of days off. All three areas require a lot of work hours, Joe. And right here is where ‘all talk, no action’ is becoming apparent. First, Joe’s COVID policy is already being enacted…by Trump. Oh, did Joe forget that Trump has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize?

He’s not doing debate preparation. On September 23, he said he hadn’t even started. He’s too tired. He’s too weak. And if a report came out that my son got $3.5 million wired to him from the ex-wife of the mayor of Moscow and frolicked with Eastern European hookers from a human trafficking ring—I’d be wanting to run for the exits too. Axios brought up Hunter in a recent interview—and Joe did not do well

Joe’s all talk and no action. That should be the war cry from the Trump team with Biden calling all these lids so early. It’s ridiculous. We’re less than 45 days from Election Day. We have a SCOTUS fight. And we’re entering the final stages where a presidential candidate should do everything and anything to get their bases motivated, but Joe is too busy napping. 

How can Joe ‘build back better’ if he’s asleep at the wheel all the time or simply just cannot handle the work hours required to run the country. 

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