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AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

I mean, this should come as no shock to anyone following the leftist mayhem engulfing the Left Coast. Seattle, Portland, California are seeing the riots continue and getting more violent. It’s no longer about the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last May that sparked the latest round of Black Lives Matter activism and political correctness policing. Even then, most of those demonstrations devolved into rioting that spread throughout the country for days. What we’re seeing now weeks after Floyd is not about racial justice or police brutality. It’s about revolution. These are ardent Marxists trying to destroy what they can in order to fulfill whatever warped agenda they want to be enacted here. And yes, federal agents have a right to respond. Federal agents have a lawful obligation to enforce law and order and protect federal buildings. That’s literally in their mandate. The entire country is their jurisdiction. Deal with it, liberals. Oh, and it’s very rich that they’ve discovered what they think is federalism when they’re told the adults will be coming in to clean up their mess, huh? 

The new liberal meltdown is over the deployment of federal agents into these crime-ridden hell holes run by Democrats. In Portland, they’re trying to set the federal courthouse on fire, rioters are throwing IEDs at law enforcement, and they’ve blinded federal officers with lasers, some of whom may not regain their vision. In Seattle, Police Chief Carmen Best ripped into the city council for creating an environment that makes officers vulnerable to harm with their anti-police sentiment, like the push to ban the use of tear gas and flashbangs. 

Now, Chief Best has revealed the contents of a van impounded during the riots last Saturday, which include—shocker—bombs, spiked strips, bear spray, and lasers. Best said that these items were being handed out to these left-wing vermin from the van. This isn’t protesting. It’s terrorism—and more federal agents should be deployed as a result. This mayhem has gone on for weeks. It’s time to put the mob down. 

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