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Matt McClain/The Washington Post via AP

It was a total disgrace. No, it really was just a fiasco. With Joe Biden and Donald Trump unable to have usual campaign events and rallies due to COVID, House Democrats decided to take up the mantle by using Attorney General William Barr as a punching bag for hours. Throughout the smears, Barr was cool as a cucumber. For two reasons, one he knows he didn’t do anything wrong and that this was a show for the camera. Second, he’s eons smarter than any of these clowns hurling dirt at him. In most cases, he’d be punching down. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) is on this committee, folks, the dude who thought that Guam could “tip over.” We’re not dealing with the A-team.


You knew this hearing was going to go off the rails when Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the committee chair, launched a disgraceful attack on Barr, the DOJ, and the men and women who enforce our laws. He brought up the rightful clearing of Lafayette Park on the day Trump decided to visit St. John’s Church since it was an unruly mob. And no, this incident isn’t the American Tiananmen, you historically illiterate idiots.

With Operation Legend, there has been this insane conspiracy theory that the deployment of federal agents to enforce law and order and protect federal property in these Democrat-run hell holes is somehow a prelude to martial law. No, children, it’s because Democrats have been abject failures at governance and enforcing law and order that they need to be told what to do in some localities. When rioters start throwing IEDs, acid, throwing kerosene balloons, and blinding federal agents with lasers, it’s time to brutally crush these people. Armed militias briefly took over a large swath of Seattle. This is insanity. There’s also this liberal fantasy that these demonstrations on the Left Coast are peaceful. They’re not. They’re violent thugs and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) showed a brief video that totally shredded the Democrats’ talking point on this. Nadler was not pleased.


Throughout the hearing, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) called federal law enforcement agents “secret police.” Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) and others were transfixed on the Roger Stone sentencing, heavily insinuating that Barr was Trump’s agent...because of Trump tweeting or something. Barr doesn’t read the tweets. There is no evidence that Stone got preferential treatment. None. It’s tin foil hat nonsense akin to what you’d see on programs like InfoWars. There was no corrupt bargain. No deal. What was outrageous was the sentencing guidelines in the Stone case which were unprecedented, but Barr really couldn’t articulate that because he was shouted over pervasively by these rabid liberals. 


The phrase “reclaim my time” needs to be retired as well. I’m talking a total and complete shutdown because this was used every time Barr tried to answer questions from the Bolshevik clowns regarding the activities of the DOJ. Federal agents in cities are not new. Barr explained that the program was inaugurated in the last Fall, but full deployment was halted due to the COVID outbreak.


Rep. Lucy McBath (D-GA) all but accused Barr of either being complicit in mass murder or will have blood on his hands, whatever you prefer, regarding the Trump administration’s decision to target Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act again during the pandemic. That has nothing to do with the DOJ regarding why Barr waltzed up to the Hill today.

Federal agents are secret police, Barr is a Trump puppet, Barr might be complicit in murder over ACA, Barr is helping Trump win the election with deploying federal agents into crime-ridden cities, and Barr is helping set the stage for martial law. None of which is grounded in evidence. All of which is heavily tied to a heavy cinderblock comprised of liberal media lies and fake news. This is what happens when all you watch is CNN or MSNBC. It was a total clown show today and a complete waste of time for Barr and the American people. And people wonder why nothing gets done in Washington. Well, exhibit A, folks. Democrats dragged us into conspiracy theory land today—and it wasn’t pretty. Barr was subjected to repeated abuse, shouting, with little recourse for him to explain the actions of the DOJ. If this wasn’t Bolshevik theater, it was a North Korean kangaroo court, and these people could be given more power in the upcoming election. It’s a very scary thought regarding a unified Democratic government running DC. We will all forced to be ‘woke,’ and the lefty mob will run unopposed with its campaign destruction knowing no bounds. 




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