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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Now, this isn’t necessarily anything new, but whatever development comes out that makes the FBI look bad is worth noting. They deserve it. They plunged this country into the depths of total hysteria over nothing. There was no Trump-Russia collusion. None. And with each passing day, we see new documents exposing this hoax, a political assassination attempt executed by some of the most powerful institutions in the country. The new notes from disgraced ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok show that this was a circus act and a media-manufactured lie. Yet, the core of this clown show was the Trump dossier, a political opposition research project compiled by ex-British spook Christopher Steele and funded by the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign. 

It was total garbage. Two reports gutted it. The Mueller report and the Department of Justice’s inspector general both delivered ICBMs to the credibility of this document that was used to spy on the Trump campaign, used to secure a FISA spy warrant against Carter Page, a former Trump campaign official, and used to go after President Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Flynn was railroaded by the DOJ and when Robert Mueller took over the FBI’s Russia investigation after then-FBI Director James Comey was fired in May of 2017, they put the screws to him. He eventually pleaded guilty to “lying to the FBI,” even though we now know that an internal DOJ memo cleared Flynn of being a Russian agent six days after the bureau interviewed him. An interview for which the FBI had zero standing to ask since there was no evidence of wrongdoing. 

Now, ex-acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell is saying that more documents on this shoddy document will show that members of the intelligence community warned that the dossier was not something to take seriously. It was always unverifiable, though the liberal media took it as gospel. It was cited as credible evidence by the FBI. (via Daily Caller News Foundation):

Richard Grenell, the former acting director of national intelligence, said Wednesday that U.S. intelligence officials who expressed doubts early in the Trump-Russia investigation about the infamous Steele dossier were ignored.

In an interview on Newsmax TV, Grenell said that documents that have yet to be released will show that career intelligence officials pointed to red flags about the dossier, which the FBI used in its investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“But there are several [documents] that still need to come out,” Grenell told Newsmax. “And these reports will show voices within the intelligence community early on, unheard of voices so far, but voices nonetheless, from the intelligence career officials saying: ‘This doesn’t stack up. This is not something we should be relying on.'”

“Those voices were ignored, and their comments were pushed aside and classified information.”

Folks, even British intelligence officials knew this document was shaky.  Frankly, I’m more concerned as to who gave the order to withhold the internal DOJ memo that cleared Flynn less than a week after his interview, which kept this man in legal purgatory. He’s still there as we speak. 

UPDATE: Looks like some of the docs have been released:

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