Domestic Terrorism? Watch as a Buffalo Rioter Uses an SUV to Run Down Police Officers

Posted: Jun 01, 2020 11:00 PM
Domestic Terrorism? Watch as a Buffalo Rioter Uses an SUV to Run Down Police Officers

Source: AP Photo/Kevin Hagen

Today, Cortney wrote about the mayor of Buffalo warning the protestor who tried to burn down city hall that his face is on camera and that they’re going to find him. As the sun went down, you could expect what would happen. The troublemakers came out from hiding. The situation across the country has totally gone off the rails. We have mobs running wild in the streets. They’re looting, committing arson, and vandalizing communities, some of which are barely hanging on due to the COVID lockdowns. It’s a mess. Democrats have mostly allowed these hooligans the space to destroy. President Trump finally announced that he was mobilizing civilian and military resources to help bring back law and order. 

And the aggressiveness towards police trying to bring order back to the situation in various cities across the country was ratcheted up a notch in the City of Good Neighbors when a rioter drove an SUV over police, sending two to the hospital. You can see police move as quickly as they can out of the way in the video. Three people have been arrested in the assault. The attack occurred on Bailey Avenue by the E District police station (via Buffalo News):

 Two law enforcement officers were hit by a vehicle, two people were shot and police fired pepper balls at protesters Monday night over about a 90-minute period near the Northeast District police station.

A Buffalo police officer and a state trooper were hit by a car at about 9:40 p.m. in the vicinity of the station on Bailey Avenue near where protesters had gathered, two law enforcement sources said.

Police have taken three people into custody, the sources said.

Buffalo police are urging the public to avoid the area.

The officers were seriously injured and taken to Erie County Medical Center, Buffalo police spokesman Michael DeGeorge said in an email.


The incident happened after Buffalo police deployed pepper balls in dealing with protesters gathered outside the station, Capt. Jeff Rinaldo said.

Just before 9 p.m. Monday, police used loudspeakers to ask the crowd to leave the area around the station on Bailey Avenue, a WIVB-TV reporter posted on Twitter.

Some people started to throw rocks and water bottles in the direction of the police and officers started making arrests, the reporter posted on Twitter.

We need to put this mob down. The thing is that what sparked this whole national crisis was not a partisan issue. Everyone across the political spectrum was outraged by the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police. Everyone thought it was an atrocity. Everyone thought the use of force was extreme. Floyd was arrested on a false document charge but died when Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on the back of his neck for several minutes. Floyd was handcuffed and on this stomach at this time, crying out that he could no longer breathe. Chauvin was fired and charged with third-degree murder. The three other officers were also fired. An FBI and Department of Justice investigation are also happening as we speak. 

There should have been protests. People should be angry. I would support the protests over this incident for sure, but that evaporates quickly when stores are being set on fire, looted, and police are being run over by rioters. It’s a riot now. We have mobs infesting and destroying cities. It’s time to put them down.