After This Development, It Might Be Time to Revisit the State Department's Role in Trump-Russia Collusion Fiasco

Posted: Apr 29, 2020 6:10 PM
After This Development, It Might Be Time to Revisit the State Department's Role in Trump-Russia Collusion Fiasco

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Christopher Steele, the ex-MI6 spook who compiled the infamous Trump dossier, was deposed being that he’s being sued by some of the Russians he named in the now-debunked document that set off the Trump-Russian collusion circus. During this lawsuit, we’ve learned that his emails with his primary source were wiped clean in December of 2016 or January of 2017. Also, it appears that there is more evidence pointing to Clinton-Russia collusion, as Steele used intelligence sources that were still active inside the Kremlin. 

That part of the story really never went away. Now, we’re learning that Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton both knew about his anti-Trump activities. He testified that Rice had possibly briefed one of his friends, Strobe Talbott, who is a longtime Clinton ally, on their work (via The Federalist):

On March 17 and 18, Christopher Steele testified in a British court where he revealed both 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice knew about his anti-Trump dossier research.


When pressured to address exactly who knew what about the anti-Trump research, Steele conceded Hillary Clinton herself knew about the dossier research.

“I believed it was the campaign, yes,” Steele said.

“The leadership of the Clinton campaign?” a lawyer asked Steele.

“Fine, the leadership of the campaign,” Steele said.

“You also understood that Hillary Clinton herself was aware of what you were doing?” the lawyer asked.

“I think Glenn had mentioned it, but I wasn’t clear,” Steele said.

During his second day of testimony, Steele connected Rice to the dossier research. State official Jonathan Winer and Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland set up a meeting with Steele alongside longtime Clinton adviser and Steele’s friend Strobe Talbott.

Steele confirmed Nuland, Winer, and Talbott invited him for a meeting to discuss the dossier research when lawyers asked whether Talbott helped open the doors for a meeting with State officials.

Yet, this piece of political opposition research was spun as counterintelligence work by Clintonite media heads. It wasn’t. It was a mission to get dirt on Trump which was then weaponized by the Justice Department to secure a spy warrant on Carter Page, a former Trump campaign adviser. We now know the Department of Justice officials omitted or excluded exculpatory evidence during the process of obtaining the warrant per the inspector general report that delivered a kill shot to the dossier’s credibility. The other death blow came from ex-Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The dossier was never fully vetted but taken as gospel by a slew of liberal reporters, especially MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Yet, While the FBI and DOJ have been at the epicenter of the deep state antics surrounding the dossier, the FISA abuse, and the Trump-Russian collusion, it seems the State Department’s involvement is mentioned but never followed up upon. Heck, Steele even confessed that his document was politically biased in a meeting with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec on Oct. 11, 2016, 10 days before the FBI would use this document as their key piece of evidence to spy on Page.

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And now, these State officials were possibly being briefed on Steele’s activities. When did Obama know about this Russia investigation that was going on within his DOJ? They’re all old questions, but ones that still need answering. 

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