Oh MY: FL Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum Found in Hotel Room with Bags of Meth

Posted: Mar 13, 2020 3:00 PM
Oh MY: FL Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum Found in Hotel Room with Bags of Meth

Source: Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel via AP

Andrew Gillum has landed himself in quite the pickle. Okay—maybe it’s not the end of the world legally, but it’s sure awkward to have the police show up at your hotel room where there are bags of methamphetamine everywhere (allegedly). There was another man in the room reportedly suffering from a drug overdose. Gillum was insanely drunk, throwing up in the room. He was too drunk to communicate with police (via Politico):

Andrew Gillum, a Florida Democrat who narrowly lost a bid for governor in 2018, was found “inebriated” and vomiting in a hotel room with another man apparently experiencing a drug overdose, according to a police report.

The Miami Beach Police Department responded to an emergency call from the hotel room early Friday morning. Police impounded several clear plastic bags of what appeared to be crystal meth.

First responders provided treatment to Travis Dyson, age 30, who later was hospitalized. He is conscious and in stable condition, according to the report filed Friday.

Aldo Mejias, who had rented the room, told police he arrived at the hotel Thursday shortly before midnight to find Gillum and Dyson “under the influence of an unknown substance,” according to the police report.

Mejias saw Gillum throwing up. Dyson was having difficulty breathing and also began vomiting, prompting Mejias to call for help.

Gillum was not arrested or suspected of having taken drugs. He admits he may have had too much to drink at a wedding. I mean has there been any other time where a prominent Democrat was caught in a hotel room with drugs besides the late D.C. Mayor Marion Barry. The only exception here is that Barry was actually caught on video doing drugs. I don’t think this will impact Gillum’s future. Heck, Barry went to jail on drug charges, got out, and then ran and won the D.C. mayor’s race post-prison. The only thing that may be stopping Gillum from running is Republican Gov. Ron de Santis, whose popularity across the board is sky-high. Forty-six percent of Florida Democrats support the job he’s doing.  

In the meantime, sober up, Gillum.