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AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Well, he did well here in 2016—and now he won it outright. In 2016, Hillary Clinton took the Nevada Caucus relatively early. In 2020, Sanders did the same, but it was a landslide win. The writing was on the wall. The Vermont democratic socialist just dominated the exit polls. He dominated with very liberal voters, took a good chunk of college-educated women—no one took an outright majority there—and ran the table with Hispanic voters. He appears to have received a healthy amount of support from union workers, specifically the key culinary workers union that has been in a nasty fight with the Sanders campaign over his Medicare for All proposal. 

Over at MSNBC, a network that has received the ire of the Sanders campaign due to their overt bias against Bernie, one host appears to be making the case for Donald Trump. Granted, this was more directed toward the Democratic Party establishment and the rest of the anti-Sanders wing. But Chris Matthews, who has railed against Bernie’s candidacy, even suggesting an electoral slaughter, all but told this group of voters to vote for Trump. He virtually said it on live television. To be blunt, Matthews said that the Democratic Party establishment would be better off with four more years of Trump than a Sanders administration and the revolutionary baggage that comes with it. 

Oh, and it gets worse. Matthews appears to be suffering something of a meltdown, as he compared Sanders winning Nevada to the Nazi conquest of France. 

Grab some popcorn. 

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