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AP Photo/Steve Helber

Hey, remember Virginia’s Democratic lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax? He’s the guy who forced the Democrats to absolutely eat it when it came to sexual assault allegations. They tried to clip the GOP with Brett Kavanaugh after he was smeared with baseless accusations of rape. Now, it was the Left’s turn—and they reacted all too predictably. Sexual assault is only bad when Republicans are accused of it. With the Left, it’s ‘circle the wagons’ time. This issue, unlike Kavanaugh, hasn’t been resolved. Fairfax has even used it to possibly launch a gubernatorial bid of his own as it has increased his name recognition. Never let a good sexual assault allegation go to waste. Fairfax’s accusations, plus Gov. Ralph Northam's and Attorney General Mark Herring’s admissions that they wore blackface put the party in a pickle. If this were a Republican administration, you bet the Democrats would demand resignations. They couldn’t. If all three resigned, the Republicans would retake the executive in Virginia. It’s better to be hypocritical than lose power in politics.


Well, The Washington Post has had it enough with the waiting. Fairfax faces two credible accusations of rape. Both accusers don’t want a criminal investigation, but one has said that she would be willing to testify before a committee. The reason: well, the truth needs to come out:

Justin Fairfax’s once-promising political career, and possibly his professional one, have hung in the balance since February when he was accused of sexual assault by two women, neither of whom had any apparent reason to lie. The Democrat has not helped his cause by alleging a smear campaign and conspiracy against him; by sliming one accuser by saying she was “very much into” their sexual encounter; or, this month, by filing a lawsuit against CBS, which aired interviews last spring with his accusers, that looks frivolous on its face.


There are two main procedural ways forward. One is the prospect of criminal investigations in Durham, N.C., where Mr. Fairfax is alleged to have raped an acquaintance at Duke University, in 2000, and Boston, where another woman says he forced her to perform oral sex on him, against her will, in 2004. Mr. Fairfax says both encounters were consensual.

The other is for the House of Delegates in Richmond to undertake an impeachment hearing, with witnesses who would testify under oath. If the House recommended that Mr. Fairfax be removed, it would fall to the state Senate to decide his fate; he could be removed on a two-thirds vote.


Among the problems with legislative inquiry is the possibility or likelihood that it devolves into political theater, or farce. Another is that whatever investigative authority the House may wield may not be adequate to compel testimony from some potentially relevant witnesses. Democrats, some of whom have called for Mr. Fairfax to resign, have opposed such a hearing, though it may hold just as much political peril for Republicans.

…a hearing remains the sole option that may be exercised at the General Assembly’s discretion, and the only way to elicit sworn testimony by Mr. Fairfax and his accusers, among others, in a public forum not susceptible to stage managing by any of them. Whatever its imperfections, it is the most likely means to deliver an accounting to what is, at this point, the real jury: the people of Virginia. 


Now, the Post isn’t the biggest sinner with regards to executing crusades to search for the truth that is both politically convenient and do the Democrats’ slime machine work. You saw that with Kavanaugh. In fact, The New York Times took a face full of buckshot when they tried to rehash the allegations again over some new supposed victim who says she doesn’t even know what the publication was talking about. It was a nothing burger…again. The media embarrassed themselves again. They proved themselves to be enemies of the people, again. So, yeah—don’t expect this call to yield anything serious. Democrats cannot give an inch in Virginia, where all three leading state officials are in hot water, or should be in hot water, with those who busy themselves with finding things that are "problematic" in today’s society. In the meantime, Fairfax has denied the allegations.

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