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AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Black radio host, Charlemagne tha God isn’t one to give easy interviews with the 2020 Democratic field. The co-host of the popular New York radio show, "The Breakfast Club," Charlemagne has already scalped Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). He called her out for culturally appropriating the Cherokee Nation. He wasn’t going to let it go either. He kept on her and did the job that the wider media should have been doing since 2012. The most damning portion is when he said that Warren was the original Rachel Dolezal.

With South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Charlemange was no different, pressing the 2020 candidate on if he thinks the reason he’s dropping in the polls is due to him sucking at the recent string of Democratic debates (via Mediaite):

The radio host grilled the South Bend mayor — though notably in an amiable manner — over whether his campaign is “losing momentum” based on static or flagging polls. The consistently optimistic and unflappable 37 year-old candidate refused to agree with that assessment instead focusing on the progress he is making that may not yet be showing up in the polls.

Charlemagne persisted, asking Mayor Pete if he thought he “sucked” in the first debates.

Mayor Pete responded with a laugh, saying no, he did not think that before explaining the odd nature of the debate formats and how he found that particularly challenging.

I mean, with Marianne Williamson shooting ICBMs of love everywhere, I guess I could see that, or it could be that the 2020 field is a total clown show with not a single person who can beat Trump. They all say the same thing. Mayor Pete hasn’t distinguished himself from the rest of the field. And if the Democrats’ top quality for their candidate should be someone who can beat Trump, Mayor Pete of South Bend isn’t it.  


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