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(Paula Lobo/ABC via AP

For once, there was sanity on The View. And it was Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, who make up the core of the liberal wing of the ladies’ table, that were trashing Will and Grace star Debra Messing’s call to pretty much create an enemies’ list that named all the folks who donate to Donald Trump’s re-election effort. Of course, these clowns will say they don’t want violence to befall the people that they doxx, but no one is that dense. Okay—maybe in Hollywood, that’s the case—but there is not doubt that given the rise of left-wing extremism in the country that’s going underreported—cough* Antifa cough*–these folks will be harassed. And yes, there is a chance those targeted could end up being inflicted with bodily harm. Liberal America is insane.


Goldberg and Behar were apt to point this out and to note that this is America, you can vote for Republicans without fear. Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) created a firestorm in early August when he publicly disclosed the names of those who donated to Trump in his district. Some of those people had donated to him, which makes this move even more idiotic. Castro said he didn’t doxx anyone and does not wish violence or harassment to follow, but that’s exactly what happened because this is the real world, Juli—you insufferable moron. If The View gets it, so can you, congressman (via Newsbusters):

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg began the first show of The View’s new season displaying a more libertarian stance on hot-button issues such as gun rights and free speech. After suggesting that we didn’t necessarily need more gun laws, but needed to close the loopholes in our current laws at the beginning of the show, she went on to make an impassioned plea for her fellow actors in Hollywood to stop blacklisting Trump supporters.

The segment started with Whoopi reading off the news that Will and Grace actress Debra Messing and her co-star Eric McCormack had tweeted over the weekend that the media needed to print a list of donors to Trump’s fundraiser in Hollywood because they didn’t want to work with them. 


“When its individuals, then you’re stalking and you’re starting to endanger that person’s life. So I don’t approve of that,” Behar argued.


Whoopi got the last word in the conversation and she came out strongly against this type of behavior, even making a statement that would make many liberals heads explode today: “People can vote for who they want don’t have to like it!”


But make no mistake, this is what the Left is going to do next year. They’re coming after us. We don’t vote with them, so we’re trash. Who cares what the Left thinks? Who cares what the liberal media thinks? If you support Trump, just don’t forget to vote on Election Day. Remind your friends, your neighbors, and your like-minded patriots to vote on Election Day. Also, don’t be queasy if attacked, fight back. And fight back with brutal fervor. 

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