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Dr. Sebastian Gorka doesn’t take the liberal media’s nonsense. That was explicitly clear when he confronted Playboy’s Brain Karem in the Rose Garden. President Trump announced that he will be issuing an executive orderto all federal agencies to collect everything and anything they can on the number of non-citizens in this country and deliver that information to the Commerce Department. This comes after the Trump White House shifted gears away from adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census after the Supreme Court decided to let the lower courts settle the issue. Two Obama-appointed federal judges who said that the Department of Justice could not make changes to the legal team handling the case for the administration further complicated this initiative. So, while the media might spin this off as a loss, it’s not. Trump will still get the data he wants on non-citizens and this could be used in cases concerning apportionment. It could be an even more accurate and thorough count. We’ll see. 


He did not take questions, which prompted some in the press corps, seated at the back because those attending the president’s social media summit were given prime seats at the front, to shout out questions per usual. Playboy’s Brian Karem was being especially vocal, prompting Dr. Sebastian Gorka, host of the radio show American First on Salem Radio Network and former Deputy Assistant to President Trump, to confront Karem calling him a “punk.” Everyone there captured the confrontation, which drew chants of “Gorka” from the social media summit attendees, with one person yelling that the former Trump official could kick Karem’s “punk ass.” 

Karem, like CNN’s Jim Acosta, has also sparred with the White House’s communications staff and even likened Trump’s base of supporters to the Nazi Party, so just ignore all of the self-righteous lectures from the liberal media who are continually offended by this presidency. We don’t care what they think—and we’re tired of their crap. Oh, and they were triggered by this incident. 


Twitchy noted that Karem was saying the attendees were willing to be possessed by demons

When someone has had enough they’ve had ENOUGH, and we’re thinking Seb Gorka had enough of the Playboy’s Brian Karem who accused the crowd in attendance for Trump’s announcement of being ‘prone to demonic possession.’

Whatever the heck that’s supposed to mean.

Nothing says you’re a professional member of the MSM like calling a bunch of people inherently ‘evil’.


Well, the doctor was in for sure. 

FULL VIDEO: Karem told Gorka to come on over and talk to him, so they can have "a long conversation" when the latter questioned if he was a journalist. This prompted Dr. Gorka to approach Karem and call him a punk. Karem responded by telling Gorka to get a job. Well, he has one with Salem Radio Network. America First, folks. America. First. Weekdays from 3PM-6PM.

Trump responds:

Gorka: I read him the riot act:


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