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Let's Hope He Doesn't Feel Too Beaten Up Over This: The Jussie Smollett Docs Have Dropped

Well, it’s here. The long saga that engulfed Chicago is coming to a close. Okay—maybe not over and done, but it’s a step closer to the epilogue of one of the most bizarre tales to emanate from anti-Trump America. Guy has been following the legal fallout from the city’s prosecutor’s office, where State Attorney Kim Foxx, who said she recused herself at the outset of this fiasco, didn’t really do that. You can read more about that here from Guy. Then, the records to this case were sealed. To add another kick to the teeth, no charges were brought before actor Jussie Smollett who peddled what appears to be a hate crime hoax in January of this year, though everyone, even the prosecutor’s office, said he was not without guilt. 


This whole story is…you just can’t make this up. Smollett reportedly hired two Nigerian brothers to stage a fake hate crime on him in the blistering, merciless cold snap that month, where the temperatures dipped well below zero, to attack him in the early morning hours. The original story was that two white guys wearing red hats attacked Smollett hurled racist and homophobic slurs at him (Smollett is openly gay), and poured bleach on him.  The attackers yelled, “This is MAGA country.” Uh, it’s Chicago. You can’t get any more Democratic. Even some liberals were skeptical. Oh, and they put a rope around his neck. It’s just too good to be true—and it was. It was actually two black guys… “beating” another black guy up. He paid them $3,500 reportedly with…a check. The two brothers knew Smollett. One was an extra on the Fox series Empire, which starred Smollett, and has recently been canceled due to ratings decline over this mess. The other had worked with Smollett as his personal trainer. They’re caught on security footage buying the items described in the attack. 

What a mess.

And now the documents that were under seal have been publicly released. The Chicago Police Department and the Mayor’s Office were livid over how this case concluded. Chicago Police dedicated resources and manpower to this hoax. Our friends at Twitchy had some tweets from the document dump (via ABC7):


The Chicago Police Department released more than 400 pages of official documents from "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett's case on Thursday.

The documents include case reports, arrest files and supplementary files. The electronic files can be found here: Smollett Electronic Case Files

Police also have 69 hours of video in the case that could be released next week. According to officials, the final release will be pertinent video files that require a heavy amount of digital redaction that includes blurring of faces of individuals not involved in the investigation and license plates of unrelated vehicles.

Last week, a Cook County judge ordered police and prosecutors to unseal the documents in the case.


There were witnesses to the incident, but their names have been redacted. Smollett said he went to the store to get some eggs around 5 A.M on January 29th, but the local Walgreens was—shocker—closed. He went to Subway to a tuna salad sandwich. On a side note, the national media tried to blame Mike Pence and Donald Trump for this incident. They created the environment or something. The national media stepped on a rake and broke their face. The local Chicago media did good work and exposed this hoax. They dug through security camera footage from local stores, where they found the Nigerian brothers buying the supplies for the attack. Everything is being aired out. Let’s hope Smollett doesn’t feel too...beaten up over this. 

Last Note: Oh, I forgot about the infamous "whiteface"

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