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UPDATE: Outgoing Special Counsel Robert Mueller held a brief press conference, where he gave around 10 minutes worth of remarks about the Russia probe. No questions were taken. He did delve into the obstruction charge and seemed to fan the flames of impeachment, which other have noted. And just like that…we now have top Democrats, like Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), saying all options are on the table. Candidates for the 2020 nomination are also lining up. 


*Original Post*

Oh, just do it, you cowards. Just do it. I dare you. I double-dare you. No, I triple-dog dare you, Democrats. Go ahead and impeach the president. We’re already halfway there. We have subpoenas flying over the unredacted contents on the report submitted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which exposed the whole Russian collusion allegation as a total myth. It’s a myth that the liberal media peddled for two years. The report was quite definitive: there was no Russian collusion. We have an ongoing fight over the president’s taxes and his banking records, with two Obama-appointed judges siding with House Democrats. 

It’s a massive game of impeachment bingo. We all know it. These so-called oversight hearings are really impeachment hearings. It's the Left hurling what they can against the wall to see what sticks. It’s been kicked into high gear ever since the Mueller report killed the Left’s collusion narrative. And now, we have Speaker Pelosi saying that Trump could be engaging in a cover-up over this whole Russia investigation mess. It’s madness. 

The Trump White House has responded, as it should; by stonewalling every subpoena, slapping them down. And while Pelosi and company say that impeachment isn’t really on the table, we have rumblings that the impeachment train is revving up (via RCP):

Monday on CNN's "Outfront," Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin, a member of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, said that "everything" should be "on the table" when it comes to removing President Trump, including the 25th Amendment and impeachment, and that more Democrats are "signing on" to the idea every day. 


Yeah, so there you have it. They want to remove the president no matter what. Partially is due to the fact that they hate him for beating Hillary Clinton in 2016. The other part could be a tacit acknowledgment that no one in the party’s 2020 clown car could beat him especially if the economy remains strong. House Democrats have to know this push doesn’t have a shot in hell. The Senate won’t back it and all this will do is remind scores of Trump voters that they need to vote in 2020. So, go for it. Like I said, please go for it. Because I guarantee that the blowback will be nothing more than epic and a second Trump term. 

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