ICYMI: Oh, So We Had Another Judge Who Sided With House Democrats That Was Appointed…By Obama

Posted: May 27, 2019 6:31 AM
ICYMI: Oh, So We Had Another Judge Who Sided With House Democrats That Was Appointed…By Obama

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The Trump White House’s war with House Democrats has mostly been centered on the Russian collusion myth and the related hysteria that has spawned from that conspiracy theory that has broken the minds of many liberals in America. It’s now leeching into the tax return issue, which was low-key for the past couple of years, but has reared its ugly head after the Trump administration’s total and complete exoneration from the Russian collusion nonsense that’s been peddled by the media for two years.

House Democrats want six years worth of tax returns, including those from his businesses. New York State is doing its part, passing a bill that will give access to state tax returns if asked by Congress. They’re also trying to chip away as presidential pardon power in the state as well. 

House Democrats request and subpoenas have been ignored by the Trump administration. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin rejected the deadline set by Democrats to turn over these documents. It’s a witch-hunt. The Democrats are still enraged that Trump is president. They want to nullify the 2016 results and remove Trump—and they’re going to do that by any means necessary. These aren’t oversight hearings; they’re impeachment motions. So, as the lawfare intensifies, are we shocked that Obama-appointed judges are siding with House Democrats? The first one, District Judge Amit Mehta, ruled that the accounting firm targeted by House Democrats in the subpoena motion must surrender those documents. Mehta was also an Obama-Biden donor.  

And last Wednesday, we had another judge ruled in favor of House Democrats who was also appointed by Obama. On this front, Democrats want Trump’s bank records (via Politico):

A federal judge … allowed the House to move ahead with subpoenas seeking years of President Donald Trump’s financial records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One, dealing the second blow in a matter of days to Trump's legal strategy of stonewalling Democrats’ mounting investigations.

U.S. District Court Judge Edgardo Ramos rejected a request by Trump and his family to block the subpoenas issued by Democrats on the House Financial Services and Intelligence committees. The subpoenas seek documents including tax returns, evidence of suspicious activity and, in the case of Deutsche Bank, any internal communications regarding Trump and his ties to foreign individuals.

Trump will challenge the ruling. “We will be filing a timely appeal with the Second Circuit,” said Jay Sekulow, a personal attorney for the president.

The ruling by Ramos, an Obama appointee, followed a landmark decision on Monday by another federal judge, Amit Mehta, who said the House Oversight Committee could proceed with a subpoena of Trump records held by accounting firm Mazars USA. Trump is appealing that ruling as well.

The Democrats are hurling anything and everything against the wall to see what sticks. They promised their base an impeachment fight or at least a lurch towards it, and that chance to make a legitimate case was killed when Robert Mueller said no collision occurred between the Trump team and the Kremlin. It’s getting nasty. And the more the Democrats lean towards impeachment, the more Trump voters are reminded that there’s an election next year. So, please, keep revving up that GOP voter energizer machine, Democrats. You’re also scaring away Independents with this impeachment talk as well. 

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