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Oh, So This Is How Democrats Are Trying To Undercut Trump…Again

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The ongoing war between House Democrats and the Trump White House over the president’s tax returns reached a new level when an Obama-appointed judge ruled that the accounting firm, which is the target of a subpoena, must turn over those documents. Of course, there will be a legal challenge—and it’s no shock a liberal judge sided with House Democrats either. 


Yet, at the state level, Democrats have been doing their part in fighting the Trump administration. Blue states led the charge against some of the executive orders they didn’t like, but recently the tax return fight led to some Democratic states passing bills that would bar a presidential candidate from appearing on the ballot unless they release their taxes. New Jersey, Washington, and Maryland have joined this effort. New York State passed a bill that would give Congress access to state tax returns if asked. 

And now, the Empire State is seeking to chip away at presidential powers, tweaking the double jeopardy statute to exclude pardons. If there is one thing about the Left in the Trump era is that they simply do not know how to let go. Hillary is never going to be president. Trump still won. Russian collusion is a myth. And the economy is booming. So, please—keep this up, Democrats. This only reminds the Republican base that they need to vote in 2020. Oh, and the NY attorney general backed this move; she's investigating the Trump family (via NBC News) [emphasis mine]:

New York state lawmakers passed a measure Tuesday that would allow prosecutors to pursue state charges against certain individuals even if they have received a presidential pardon, a move seen as a direct shot at President Donald Trump.

New York's state Assembly passed the measure — which creates a narrow exception in the state's double-jeopardy law — by a 90-52 vote. New York law currently prohibits the state from prosecuting a person who has already been tried for the same crime by the federal government. The bill would make it easier for prosecutors in certain circumstances to pursue a case against someone who has received a presidential pardon for the federal conviction.

The exception would allow state prosecutors to open or advance investigations into any pardoned individual who served in a president's administration, worked directly or indirectly to advance their campaign or transition, or worked at a non-profit or business controlled by the president and whose alleged criminal activity took place in New York state. The exception also allows for investigations to be opened or continued into anyone who was pardoned for the president's benefit.

Notably, Trump's business and campaign are both headquartered in New York.

The change was backed by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is investigating Trump and his family members, and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has indicated he will sign the bill.


Yeah, this war against Trump is not going to end when he leaves office…in 2025. The Left will make you care in their trash cultural and political battles. They will force those who don't pick pick sides. The problem is with this war against the president, it could have a double-edged sword effect in that it will remind his die-hard followers, who will never abandon him, to vote in 2020. Oh, and drive Independents who aren't infected with liberal insanity, to either vote for Trump or stay home. Reverberations on down ticket races on that shift as well. So, please, Democrats continue this crusade and Republicans--you better be prepared. 

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