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AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

With President Donald Trump not playing the Democrats’ impeachment games (and rightfully so), states have done their part in fighting this administration. Washington State and New Jersey have passed laws keeping presidential candidates off the ballot if they don’t release their taxes. Well, it’s not like any Republican candidate was going to win those states anyway, but it’s all part of the two-year long temper tantrum over Hillary Clinton’s shocking election loss in 2016. 


Taxes remain another front in the ongoing crusade to impeach Trump. Democrats don’t have Russian collusion anymore; that was nuked by the Mueller report. They’re still clinging to obstruction of justice, but there’s not enough evidence to pursue charges, as determined by Attorney General William Barr and soon-to-be-ex Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The only evidence in the affirmative is that liberal CNN pundits think this happened because…they don’t like Trump. Belief is not evidence. And excuse me if I don’t care what a horde of former Obama officials have to say on this matter. With the Treasury Department refusing to turn over information on Trump’s finances, New York State is making legislative moves to make that happen, passing a bill that would allow them to turn over such documents if asked by Congress. Yet, this will only apply to state income taxes (via NBC News):

The New York State Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would make it easier for Congress to obtain President Donald Trump's state tax returns, a measure that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said he will sign if it reaches his desk.

The bill, called the TRUST Act, passed by a 39-to-21 vote. It would amend state law to permit the commissioner of the state Department of Taxation and Finance to release any state tax return requested by the leaders of the House Ways and Means Committee, the Senate Finance Committee or the Joint Committee on Taxation for any "specific and legitimate legislative purpose." Existing laws generally prohibit such a release.

Those congressional committees could file a request with the state only after efforts to gain access to federal tax filings through the U.S. Treasury Department failed.

The bill would apply only to Trump's state returns and not the federal ones currently at the center of a battle between the House and the Treasury Department. But those state returns would provide a trove of information, because New York serves as the headquarters of the president's business, and is his home state.


Someone already leaked his IRS tax returns from his businesses between…1985-1994, which showed that he lost $1 billion in another huge nothingburger story. Trump mentioned his losses in his book, discussed it on The Apprentice, and a great many of the president’s supporters were alive in the 1980s. With the Left’s media allies turning into clowns and the state limited in what they can actually do to force Trump’s hand on his taxes, the ball is still in Trump’s court. Why? Well, because he’s still president...and Hillary is not. He will remain president. And I’m fairly confident that he’ll win in 2020.

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