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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

We had a special guest on Triggered today. Dr. Sebastian Gorka, host of the National Salem Radio Show "America First" and former Deputy Assistant to the President. Dr. Gorka was straightforward and did not mince words about the Left’s ongoing war against Trump, the GOP, and what this country stands for. For now, they’re dealing with some internal matters. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) keeps peddling anti-Semitic talking points, which forced the House leadership to draft and vote on a resolution that was watered down to the point where it was virtually worthless. It started as a resolution against anti-Semitism. It became an overarching anti-bigotry resolution after far left elements complained. And who is to blame for this? Well, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who showed how weak she has become as the ranks of radicals has swelled on the Hill.

Dr. Gorka took Ilhan Omar and Pelosi to the woodshed, saying that Pelosi caved, that Ilhan Omar’s pervasive and serial use of anti-Semitic remarks has exposed her as one who hates Jews, and he wasn’t shocked that the resolution was watered down to a meaningless document as the committee where Omar sits drafted it. Dr. Gorka called the resolution “diluted garbage,” and a sign that the party has embraced anti-Semitic attitudes institutionally. He also added that Omar's disdain for Jewish people was captured in her off the rails exchange with Special Envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams. Also, the “she’s too dumb to know what she’s saying” defense that Pelosi has deployed doesn’t make sense, or at least should worry us all because the Foreign Affairs Committee impacts policy. She doesn’t know what’s she saying. Talk about a Chinese fire drill.

We then discussed the attempted left-wing hit job against Tucker Carlson, who the Left wants to destroy because he’s able to shred liberal narratives daily. There is no tolerance with liberals on this; destruction is in order. Media Matters, a progressive attack machine, dug through hours of Carlson’s appearances on a shock jock radio show to grease the wheels of his destruction. It’s a shock jock show. Who cares? And Tucker was with MSNBC at the time. It’s a nothingburger. Tucker hasn’t apologized and he shouldn’t. We all know what the end game is here. And apologies aren’t a stay of execution with these people. They’re certainly not seen as a sign that they should lay off their attacks either. It’s an affirmation that these deranged people are right and that their crusade against conservatives because they hold differing opinions should continue.

Triggered went through the whole news gauntlet. From that white guy named Bob O’Rourke announcing he’s running for president, trying to nab the majority of the beta male vote, to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) Green New Scam, the doctor was on to trash the pillars of the Left. We’re not nuts, folks. These people are coming after our way of life, even what we eat. Yes, they’re coming after our cheeseburgers, even Bloomberg admitted that. It’s our version of the Great Leap Forward. This left-wing agenda has to be defeated at all costs. 

There was some talk about Never Trumpers, a slice of the party that I thankfully left, sprinted away from actually, once I saw how they were unwilling to let bygones be bygones and unite with Trump, who had won the primary fair and square, to defeat Hillary Clinton. Yes, folks—I was a Trump skeptic in the primaries. I did not back him, but the man has surprised me. And when he clinched enough delegates to win the GOP nomination, there was no time for whining or being a sore loser. Defeating Hillary Clinton was the only mission left. Also, I’m a Republican. I support my party and the nominee of my party. I wasn’t going to vote for Hillary and frankly, to those Republicans who voted for her in 2016—what are you nuts?!

You can listen to the rest of our interview with Dr. Gorka above. He did close our segment with an interesting discussion he had with historian Victor Davis Hanson, who told him that Trump was the only thing keeping this country from sliding into full-blown socialism at the moment. Listen, I’m Trump 2020, but that should give any conservative, Republican, or right-leaning individual turned off by AOC and Ilhan Omar’s antics a reason to vote for Donald Trump. Around 80 percent of his agenda is based on what the GOP has proposed and pushed on the Hill for years. He’s not much of an outlier. 

We’re going to be in the fight of our lives soon, folks. Get ready to fix bayonets. In the meantime, catch Dr. Gorka’s show 3PM-6PM EST, 12-3PST on Salem Radio Network. And you know where to find us on Triggered.

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