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It dropped yesterday. Over a decade ago, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said something shocking…on a shock jock’s radio show. Golly! I’m downright flabbergasted—not! For those who don’t have Sirius XM, Carlson was on Bubba The Love Sponge’s show on Howard 100. Yes, that’s Howard Stern’s channel. Now, to be honest, I never really listened to Bubba’s show. Sorry, I was a loyal Howard Stern listener throughout high school and college. I’m still a fan, though I haven’t listened to the show in years. My commute to work is not that bad and the cost was just not worth it. But if you didn’t know that you could be a little looser than usual on this program, I don’t know what to tell you. Apparently, Media Matters, a left-wing outlet, decided to comb through years of radio clips for some reason in order to execute a hit job against Tucker Carlson. The Left hates him. So, he has to go. He shreds liberal narratives daily on his show on Fox News. And because he has differing opinions—he must be destroyed. This is progressivism in 2019 (via WaPo):


A day after releasing audio of Tucker Carlson making numerous misogynist remarks, Media Matters for America published a new video with clips of the Fox News host using racist and homophobic language to describe Iraqi people, African Americans, gay people and immigrants while speaking on a radio program between 2006 and 2011, according to a report published Tuesday by the nonprofit.

The self-described watchdog of “conservative misinformation in the U.S. media” published the audio from Carlson’s appearances on a Tampa-based radio program, the “Bubba the Love Sponge Show,” just 25 hours after releasing similar recordings in which he’s heard flippantly using sexist language to express his views on child rape, rape shield laws, underage marriage and other sensitive topics.

The new audio highlights about a dozen instances of Carlson using racist language on the “shock jock” show, which he apparently called into for about an hour per week. In 2008, Carlson lamented that “everyone’s embarrassed to be a white man,” before stating that white men deserve credit for “creating civilization and stuff.”

You can listen to the Media Matters clip in the link above. I’m not going to embed that here. It’s a shock jock show, folks. You cater to that audience. And given that there is no context here, just a bunch of random audio bites that range from 10-15 seconds spliced together from shows months apart—I’m banking that this was the case. Fox News has rightfully stood by Carlson in the wake of this campaign of destruction. You never cave to the left-wing mob. They don’t care if you’re sorry. They don’t care about you, your family, or your well-being. They want to destroy you. Period. You represent a threat to their authoritarian ethos in which all aspects of society are broken to the will of the state. 


Tucker addressed this non-controversy on his show, where he noted that progressives are at the heart of our cultural centers. They’re not shocked by his words on Bubba’s show. In fact, they’ve used them in their productions that they’ve disseminated across various mediums for years. The exception is that Carlson is a conservative and when he says it, it’s dirty. It’s racist. It’s misogynistic. He has to go. Nope. If there’s anything worse than a pack of progressives looking for blood, it’s ones that are also immersed in hypocrisy. This isn’t news. This isn’t even a story because we all know the end game here: the destruction of Tucker Carlson. Why should any conservative chime in and support this character assassination campaign? Why should any conservative even think about siding with the Left in this fight? The Carlson hit job is a friendly reminder that we’re at war with liberal America. And in war, there are casualties. It gets nasty. But to think that abject surrender is the first and only option is insanity. 

Republicans have yet to learn en masse that losing with dignity sucks. You’re still a loser. And you’ll lose everything if you let the Left run all over you. That’s what would happen if Tucker had caved and apologized. They would still put forward a full-court press, more clips would be released, and the campaign to kill his career would’ve continued. These people are scum and you’re not obligated to apologize to the cancers of America. I liked Tucker Carlson’s show. Now, I’m a die-hard fan. 


This isn’t some righteous crusade to clean up media. Please—this is about clipping the Fox News elite; the folks who have been giving liberal America heart palpitations for years. It’s about striking a blow against what the Left sees as a bastion of free speech. Others think Fox News has become state television administered by the Trump White House. Why? Well, because this network hasn’t become addicted to the Muller investigation and Russian collusion nonsense. The faux outrage is also disgusting (via Mediaite):

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson has been under fire all day for comments he made on the radio over the years that were unearthed recently by Media Matters. CNN Newsroom was no exception, as anchor Brooke Baldwin, senior political analyst John Avlon, and commentator Ana Navarro tore into him, along with his colleague Jeanine Pirro, on Monday’s show.

Baldwin began by playing the recordings with transcript on screen. When they cut back to her, she placed her head in her hands in dismay and offered a “recap”.

“Okay. Just to recap: The host of Fox’s most coveted time slot insulted women, even called a Supreme Court Justice unattractive, he also suggested underage marriage is not as serious as forcible child rape, calling rape shield laws totally unfair,” said Baldwin. “But like Pirro, he didn’t apologize. He called his words quote, naughty, and instead pushed viewers to tune in tonight.”

Baldwin turned to Avlon and said: “No apologies for the vile rhetoric. Instead the message is tune in. Is that their business model?”

Avlon said “no,” then added, “I think what they’re seeing though is a contagion from the shock and awe business model they’ve done, where it’s play to the base, inflame with anxiety, anger, fear at the other–and it gets them into trouble, because guess what, you’re playing with fire when you play with those forces.”


Oh, enough guys. It must be a privilege to be so perfect. You’ve never said anything or done anything idiotic in their lives. Wrong. The media industry has a serious problem with prominent journalists groping, assaulting, and acting widely inappropriate with female colleagues. The Me Too movement has ensnared mostly liberal creeps. Carlson said some colorful language on a shock jock radio show. Get a grip. Again, this was so long ago no one really cares outside of the Acela Corridor, and that’s not real America. Now, Stephen Colbert is slamming Tucker, but that’s sort of a good sign. It means keep-going Tucker. Keep doing your show, keep shredding liberal nonsense, and keep the network a bastion of free speech. Agitate them by simply doing your regularly scheduled program. Never apologize, sir. Never surrender. Never cave to the vicious left-wing mob—ever. Yes, is a Left vs. Right fight. It's Carlson vs. liberal America, but it's also a fight between freedom and authoritarianism. Tucker knows the long game. 


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