Freshman Democrat On Trump: 'We’re Going To Go In And Impeach The Motherf**ker'

Posted: Jan 04, 2019 6:10 AM
Freshman Democrat On Trump: 'We’re Going To Go In And Impeach The Motherf**ker'

The Democrats have taken over the House. Nancy Pelosi is once again speaker. And the great duel of wits begins between House Democrats and the Trump White House. The current fight is over border wall funding, which has shuttered the government for two weeks now. Both sides are not budging. When this bout is over, the next battle will be over impeachment. Actually, every hearing House Democrats hold concerning the activities of this White House, its staff, and its policies should be viewed as impeachment hearings. 

They’re gunning for this man. We all know it. And every Democrat, including Pelosi, who says otherwise—and they have—is lying. Remember the words of Dr. Gregory House: “everyone lies.” Look no further than the alleged anti-Pelosi wing of the Democratic Party who vowed not to support her. They all pretty much voted for her yesterday. The hope of a bloody fight among Democrats erupting on the House floor with this vote died weeks ago. Still, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), who will now head the House Judiciary Committee, was picked to spearhead a fight with this White House. 

Pelosi took a more pragmatic way of saying it, suggesting that they will wait until the end of the Mueller investigation. The far left base isn’t that patient. And the rabid anti-Trumpers in the Democratic Party want impeachment now. They need revenge for losing the 2016 election. Last night, freshman Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan said at a MoveOn reception that “they’re gonna impeach the motherf**ker.” 

The only question is when

[Warning: Strong language]:

Also, love how Democrats sell the crap line of them saving America from Trump and the GOP when they’re weaponizing impeachment against someone because they don’t like that he won an election fair and square. We’ll do the same. The GOP should do the same. If Democrats are allowed to impeach people based on the mere notion that they don’t like them, or that their side lost, then we have to strike back when we lose. It’s the only logical consequence of a movement’s highly volatile emotionalism that has clouded their judgment since 2016. The Left is defending our institutions, which were never in danger by the way, by destroying them. 

In some perverse way, it works to their advantage. Democrats always hated America’s governing institutions. That silly Constitution always torpedoed their agenda of total control over anything, including religious institutions. They’ll rip up the country and then rebuild it in their own warped, perverted, progressive mold. It makes it all the more pressing that Trump win re-election in 2020, and that we all start working on beating the Left right now. 

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UPDATE: Of course, the press was going to ask her questions about this, but the congresswoman decided to run away: