What This Democratic Governor Said Just Shows The Left Has No Self-Awareness In Their Attacks On The NRA

Posted: Mar 12, 2018 1:09 PM

Okay—I don’t know if Gov. Dannel Malloy (D-CT) doesn’t care, or if he’s just suffers from a total lack of awareness. He’s been a tough critic of the National Rifle Association, one of the nation’s oldest civil rights organizations. In the aftermath of the horrific school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, he’s equated the NRA to a terrorist organization. That’s right, the NRA and its members (Full disclosure: I’m a proud member) are a bunch of terrorists. Yeah, and there are people who say they want a discussion on gun laws. You can’t talk when the other side is totally unspooled. Malloy went after the NRA again saying they had blood on their hands for not wanting to chip away at Americans’ civil rights (via The Hill):

During an interview with NPR, Malloy said the NRA is an organization "devoid of courage when it comes to making our nation safer."

"The NRA is taking advantage of people's deaths to make the case that we need more guns," he charged during the interview.

"I'm not accusing them of pulling the trigger, but in some cases I think there is blood on their hands. Because they have fought against gun safety for so many years." 

Yeah, and you people use the deaths of endless shooting victims and their families in your campaigns to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights. It’s not about saving lives. The governor should know that fellow Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida went off script, noting that the gun debate will help his party win more elections this year. It won’t—but that’s what he thinks. So, spare us this self-righteous crap. The NRA and its members are the only organization that has to answer for total random acts of violence that were not supported, funded, or condoned by the organization or its members. Law-abiding gun owners aren’t responsible for mass shootings, neither is the NRA. If we’re playing this game, then Gov. Malloy has blood on his hands for his support of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. Funny how donations to that organization are considered righteous and moral, while donations to an organization that supports the Bill of Rights are smeared as a transaction with Satan. I wish we could talk about ways to strengthen mental health programs and incentivize states to update the NICS background check system as often as possible for gun transfers. We’ll have to put that on hold. Conservatives, Second Amendment supporters, gun owners, and Republicans shouldn’t have to be forced to deal with legislative terrorists.