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Well, we already wrote about one of these stories before Christmas; the U.S. and its allies have all but destroyed the Islamic State. They literally hold zero territory. President Donald Trump has won a war, but there’s a rather conspicuous silence from the media. If Obama or better yet, Hillary Clinton had won this bout with a terror group, the mainstream news media would be all over it—Hillary especially. In this example, the first woman president showed composure, resolve, and the determination to get tough on terror. Cue the liberal love fest on the airwaves and cue the feminist hot takes on this matter. Yet, The Federalist’s Sean Davis took to the pages of the LA Times, writing a contributing opinion piece in which he lists the top ten stories that were underreported in 2017, one of them was our victory over ISIS (possibly because Trump won it).  


We had the FBI become engulfed in scandal, the re-application of due process on college campuses when it comes to combating sexual assault, the slow bleeding of ESPN, how the economy and the stock market shot through the roof, and the ongoing clown show that is the Russian collusion investigation (via LA Times):

1. "Russian collusion" charges were a dud

Despite a year's worth of investigation into the matter, zero independently verifiable evidence of alleged illegal collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian government has been offered to the public.


2. The economy roared

The U.S. economy came roaring back in 2017. GDP growth is strong and steady, and the unemployment rate now approaches lows not seen since the early 2000s.


3. The stock market boomed

It's not just the economy, though. The stock market, following a lost decade of equity returns, also came roaring back over the last year. Although New York Times columnist Paul Krugman predicted after Trump's election that the stock market would "never" recover, the exact opposite has happened, with the Dow Jones industrial average repeatedly posting record highs throughout the year.


4. Islamic State was crushed in Raqqah and Mosul

A year ago, the Islamic State wasn't just on the rise in the Middle East, it was firmly in charge, with wide swaths of the region under its control. But in October, U.S.-backed forces completed the total liberation of Raqqah, the Islamic State's Syrian capital.


5. Thanks to James Comey, the FBI's reputation is in tatters

This year we learned that the FBI's top ranks were infested with political actors eager to use the agency to settle scores. Not only did former Director James Comey abscond with confidential documents, he leaked them to his friends and the press, then refused to give those documents to Congress. In addition, his top deputies — those responsible for investigating both Hillary Clinton and Trump — were sharing text messages about how important it was to defeat Trump.


6. We still know nothing about what motivated the Vegas shooter

Months after the deadliest mass shooting in American history, we don't know why the gunman fired on a crowd of innocent concertgoers.


7. The Iran deal's facade collapsed

Despite the Obama administration's assurances that Iran would be a reliable partner for peace, the opposite has proved true. By deliberately funding and fomenting terror against the U.S. and its allies in the region, Iran has shown that it cannot be trusted, and the Obama administration's claims about the peaceful intentions of the top terror sponsor on Earth had no basis in reality.

8. Persecution of religious minorities continues across the globe

In the U.K., Jews were targeted in record numbers in 2017. Just weeks ago, a synagogue in Sweden was firebombed.


9. The worldwide leader in sports is in deep trouble

ESPN is in deep trouble, and it doesn't have cord-cutting to blame.


10. Due process and rule of law were restored to college campuses


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos finally restored the rule of law to college campuses and put an end to disastrous campus courts. Prior to her much-needed rule change, campuses across the country declared that secret proceedings, bereft of due process, were the best way to handle sexual assault allegations.

Now, for the last one, it was covered, albeit through the lens that DeVos’ reforms would allow rapists to get away, and that DeVos herself was a rape apologist. The character assassination of DeVos from the media is another issue, but back to 2017. A lot of these stories would either paint the Trump White House in a positive light, or undercut the Left’s narrative that Trump’s America is a cesspool, fraught with misery and grief. Happy days cannot exist. It must be apocalyptic. A booming economy, a strong stock market performance, the destruction of a terror group, and a witch-hunt investigation about Russian collusion that has yielded zero evidence doesn’t feed into that narrative. Granted, some of this is the president’s doing, as his Twitter feed can at times, divert attention from stories that would benefit him politically. Yet, it goes without saying: it’s a safe bet that a lot of these stories were underreported because it would make Trump look good. 

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