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Well, since the media loves to discuss Donald Trump’s approval numbers, let’s look at the Clintons. Yes, like zombies, they’re lingering around. Hillary Clinton recently wrote a book, What Happened, which delved into the former first lady’s shocking 2016 loss to President Donald J. Trump. Outside of Democratic bastions, Hillary is not well liked—and the polling shows it. While Bill is also mentioned to be popular among his fellow Democrats, his favorable numbers have dipped to their worst levels since 2001. Since June, Hillary has dropped five points in her favorable ratings, hitting a dismal 36 percent approval. People are done with this power couple. Done. For all the Hillary fans hoping she runs again, she can’t—not with these numbers. Not to mention that she said she’s done with running for office. Gallup has the breakdown:

Hillary Clinton's image has declined since June and is now the worst Gallup has measured for her to date. Her favorable rating has fallen five percentage points since June to a new low of 36%, while her unfavorable rating has hit a new high of 61%.

Clinton's prior low favorable rating was 38% in late August/early September 2016 during the presidential campaign. She also registered a 38% favorable rating (with a 40% unfavorable rating) in April 1992, when she was much less well-known.

The current results are based on a Dec. 4-11 Gallup poll.


In the past, both Bill and Hillary Clinton's ratings improved when they were in less overtly political roles -- she as first lady and secretary of state, and he as a former president and philanthropic leader. For Bill Clinton, though, it took more than two years for his image to recover after his controversial exit from the White House in 2001. Thus, if their ratings are to improve, it may take more time for the political wounds from the 2016 campaign to heal.

So, yes, supposed sexist male media figures peddled the notion that Clinton was unpopular because she was—and the former secretary of state was seen as a worse choice than Trump, which speaks volumes to her as a choice for president. This isn’t some subjective point; she was awful. On top of that, she had no agenda, no real economic message, and banked way too much on that Access Hollywood tape, which no one really seemed to care about outside of progressive circles. It also doesn’t help that the former first lady went on a rampage during her book tour, taking responsibility, but blaming the media, the FBI, James Comey, sexism, Obama, Sanders, and Biden for torpedoing her candidacy. Maybe that’s also feeding into her unpopularity outside of die hard Democrats. I think a lot of people are tired of her. The Clinton chapter is over after all. Still, even with some of Trump’s trip ups, and there have been a few, Hillary is still not seen decisively as the better choice. 

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