Whine Tour Part XX: Two Weeks After Book Launch, Hillary Still Complaining About Bernie

Posted: Sep 26, 2017 4:55 PM

Two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton was interviewed by Charlie Rose on Monday, where the former first lady once again decided to take a swipe at Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for making it more difficult for her to win the general election. Hillary’s book hit the bookshelves two weeks ago, in which she takes responsibility for the 2016 loss, but also took swipes at sexism, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Sanders, and James Comey for torpedoing her presidential hopes. USA Today’s Susan Page said the book served as a vehicle for revenge against Sanders.

Rose mentions Clinton’s words concerning how she felt Sanders was not there for her as much as he could have been in the same way she was there for Obama in 2008. Clinton said that in Denver at the time, she was still convincing her delegates and supporters to back then-Sen. Obama who had won enough delegates to win the nomination.

Hillary said Bernie being more AWOL than her is “undeniable,” and that his supporters did not come around to her. When asked why Sanders wasn't as gung-ho about uniting the party and helping Democrats when Clinton became the official nominee, Hillary answered that's a question for the Vermont senator:

“You know, his attacks on me which I finally turned and said to him, name one example of anything you’re talking about; you know—you just keep reiterating these attacks. Of course, he couldn’t—Democrats rejected him. You know I beat him by more than 4 million votes.”

Still, the Wall Street speeches were real. She did call the Trans-Pacific Partnership, supported by Obama and the GOP but rejected by Trump and Sanders, the gold standard in trade deals. Clinton then reversed course on TPP during the primaries.  These are some of the many things that Hillary did that bred distrust among voters, especially the more progressive slice of the Democratic Party that views anyone with ties to Wall Street as anathema. Her emails, yeah, Bernie gave her some cover there, but overall killed her on trust and honesty with voters from which she never recovered. It’s no secret as to why she calls her private email server, which she set up to conduct all official business while serving as secretary of state as her “most important” error of the 2016 campaign. And yes, the media was right to report on it. There were allegations that a presidential contender may have mishandled classified information. Of course, it was a story—and some in the media, while noting that they could have done better in some aspects of their coverage last year—are annoyed that the former first lady is framing it as if it was their job to get her elected.

The NFL and Trump dominated the weekend coverage, but there’s no doubt that Clinton is still fuming that she lost last year, but that’s all on her. It’s her fault, though her rampage against those who she feels cost her a win will continue. In the meantime, a lot of Democrats are just wishing she vanishes into the ether, with one columnist writing last year: shut the f**k up and go away.

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