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Shouldn’t you know your new economic agenda if you’re trying to retake the House? Oh, and especially so when you’re part of party leadership? Well, apparently Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had trouble remembering the key tenets of the “Better Deal” yesterday. I’m not saying she needs to know the specific provisions. She has to make a political speech after all, but she should know the core tenets, which are job creation, infrastructure, and lowering prescription drugs. It was unveiled in Berryville, Virginia back in July; Pelosi was there. Also, it’s a carbon copy of what Hillary Clinton ran on in 2016. Still, the aging Democrat seemed to not really know the basics about the Better Deal, which some Democrats think is a waste of time.

“So that takes us to the Better Deal, and the Better Deal, I just want to say this to you because you’ll be hearing more about it,” she said. Pelosi had to remove her sunglasses to read the pamphlet.

“The Better Deal is about better jobs, better wages, better future,” she added.

This isn’t the first time Pelosi has forgotten key information. She has repeatedly forgotten that President Bush has left office, referring to President Trump as the 43rd president in recent press conferences. She did catch herself one once on appearance on ABC News’ This Week back in May. She also thought the National Rifle Association was part of our intelligence community. Yet, worse of all, she’s deeply unpopular in the areas that Democrats need to win in order to retake the House. She’s more unpopular than Trump in these areas, and she’s been blamed as a contributing factor to Jon Ossoff’s loss in Georgia’s special election in the state’s sixth congressional district, the most expensive in history. It's no wonder that younger, more rural Democrats are calling for a leadership change. One of their leadesr can’t even read off what they’re trying to run on in 2018. 

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