Nancy Pelosi: I'd Never Thought I'd Pray For George W. Bush To Be President Again

Posted: May 01, 2017 2:00 PM

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) seems to have President George W. Bush on her mind. The House Minority Leader had a little slip of the tongue on ABC News’ This Week, mixing up Bush and President Trump. The top Democrat corrected herself, noting that she never thought she would have prayed for the day that George W. Bush would be president again. She was speaking with guest host Jonathan Karl about President Trump’s 100 days and whether Democrats can work with the White House on anything:

And winning means winning for the American people, that either we win or whoever wins understands the priorities of the American people. And they are not with President Bush--Oh, excuse me. I'm so sorry, President Bush! I never thought I'd pray for the day that you were president again.

Karl seemed a bit shocked by Pelosi’s reaction, though she said that while Democrats opposed Bush on the Iraq War and Social Security privatization, they were able to work on other issues. While Democrats did block Bush’s Social Security plans in 2005, the Iraq War is a tad different. They did continue to fund the effort, and they also approved of the 2007 troop surge that eventually stabilized the country under Gen. David Petraeus’s “clear, hold, and build” counter-insurgency strategy.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time Pelosi has mixed up the two presidents. In February, she declared that there wasn’t a single issue that they could work on with President Bush. Of course, she meant to say Trump, but this time she didn’t catch herself and no one seemed to have wanted to step in and correct her. By the look of Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-CA) face, she, along with the rest of the Democrats standing behind her, knew Pelosi screwed up.

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