Senior Moment: Pelosi Declares There's Not A Single Issue She Can Work On With...President Bush?

Posted: Feb 08, 2017 12:15 PM

Well, if progressives were hoping to have a competent opposition to the Trump White House with congressional Democrats, this little senior moment from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi isn’t really a confidence booster. At a press conference on Monday, Pelosi said:

…While its only a couple of weeks since the inauguration, there’s complete evidence—there’s prac[sic]—we've seen nothing that we can work—that I can work with President Bush on and I’m disappointed because I thought that there might be some interest because of what he said in the campaign, which turns out to be not true, a hoax—and really dangerous to the economic stability of America’s working families.

President Bush? Of course, she meant President Trump—and even her colleagues standing behind her, specifically Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), caught the error given their facial expressions. Democrats are probably not happy about the two executive orders President Trump signed that targeted the Dodd-Frank regulations on banking.

Know your enemy. For a moment, it appeared as if Pelosi didn’t know who won the election. This is what happens when you view every Republican as the spawn of Satan. You lose your grip on reality.