Left Wing Site Salon Cannot Pay Its Rent. Here's A Few Of Their Headlines That Could Probably Explain This

Posted: Aug 08, 2017 4:00 PM

It appears as if the left wing website Salon.com is having trouble paying the bills. The site is often mocked for its absurd headlines and its reposting of stories from the bowels of the left wing blogosphere that are just insane. From giving political cover to pedophiles to deciphering the dark underpinnings of the nativity scene, maybe if they stopped being a progressive cesspool, they could—you know—attract more readers. Here are some of their greatest hits. Oh, yeah—there’s some incest apologists in the mix, along with the typical nutty theocratic takeover/Handmaid's Tale garbage. Also, terrorism is all our fault

  1. A woman describes her sexual relationship with her estranged father. (What?!)
  2. Genetic sexual attraction is normal, and very real”: A woman describes the reality of parent-child incest
  3. Meet pedophiles who mean well. (Not The Onion) 
  4. Marco Rubio’s deranged religion, Ted Cruz’s bizarre faith: Our would-be presidents are God-fearing clowns. (Of course, you need to bash people of faith.) 
  5. My child is not in heaven: Your religion only makes my grief harder

Yeah, as you can see, this is just insane. Here's how much they owe, according to the NY Post:

A landlord who late last year evicted Salon from its New York offices for nonpayment of $90,000 in back rent is now trying to force the digital publisher to pay more than $700,000 for the unused portion of a five-year lease that is slated to run through September 2019.

Salon had been paying over $300,000 a year to Vbgo Penn Plaza for offices at 31 Penn Plaza, near Madison Square Garden