So, How Long Is Hillary Going To Whine About Losing The 2016 Election?

Posted: May 08, 2017 8:00 AM

Well, one thing is clear: Hillary Clinton is going to use any means available to her to whine about losing the 2016 election. In France, Emmanuel Macron decisively beat Marine Le Pen by a roughly 66/33 margin in their presidential election. Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to offer her two-cents, saying “Victory for Macron, for France, the EU, & the world. Defeat to those interfering w/democracy. (But the media says I can't talk about that).”

Clinton has reemerged from hiding to declare that the Russians, Wikileaks, sexism, misogyny, and FBI Director James Comey cost her the election, though she says that she didn’t run a perfect campaign and somewhat takes responsibility for her party’s defeat. How can you take responsibility, but blame everyone else? Yet, that’s the Clintons—living life by their own rules. That mindset got Clinton into trouble when her email fiasco went public. The email server she used for official State Department business was unsecure and unauthorized, leaving her open to accusations that she compromised national security and mishandled classified information. That’s why the FBI got involved, and it proved to be one of the main issues that sunk Clinton’s trust numbers with voters. Her character took a broadside hit and never recovered. That’s her fault.

Yes, France had a Wikileaks situation, where emails from Macron were leaked. Yet, just like here, it had no impact on the election. Marine Le Pen faced an uphill battle and the timing of the document dump in France could not have impacted the election. 

In 2016, fake news disseminated by Russian-backed media outlets played no pivotal role, vote tallies (an actual hack) did not occur, and there is zero evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russian intelligence to tilt the election. Pro-Russian social media trolls hardly cost you the election, Hillary. You called everyone who supported Trump deplorable, you had no economic message, you didn’t listen to the concerns of the tens of millions of white working class voters in the Rust Belt, and you didn’t visit the states that sunk you. You were just terrible. Democrats, liberals, and the urban elite like you, but a) even they are beginning to turn on you; and b) this cohort is not enough to win elections.

You’re starting a PAC that will help the organizations fighting Trump, which will eventually become a war chest for 2018 midterm candidates. Also, there’s a book in the works that will include what you feel were your missteps on the 2016 trail. That’s fine. It’s a free country. At the same time, when will you make peace with the fact that you lost? Just accept that you were a terrible candidate and end this whine tour. Also, in retrospect, this loss shouldn't be shocking.

The nation rejected you in 2008 for a no-name (at the time) Illinois senator, who was two-thirds of the way into his first term. That operation beat the Clinton machine. Maybe that should have been the red flag concerning how the electorate felt about your presidential ambitions. People like your husband. They do not like you.

Now, concerning some of your supporters, like NY Daily News columnist Gersh Kuntzman, they have some harsher words for you: “shut the f**k up and go away already.”