Lawfare: Four States Seek To Block Trump's New Executive Order

Posted: Mar 09, 2017 2:50 PM

Justin wrote about how Hawaii is filing a lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s latest executive order on immigration and they could have company. New York, Minnesota, Washington, and Oregon are filing motions to block the new order. Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who stopped the first order citing constitutional issues with the travel moratorium, said that he will ask a federal judge to apply the existing injunction to the latest revised executive order from the Trump White House (via Politico):

A group of at least four states are headed to court to block key elements of the new travel ban executive order President Donald Trump signed Monday.

Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson said his office is filing a motion asking a federal judge in Seattle to rule that an existing injunction against the travel ban order Trump issued in January applies to parallel portions of Trump's new directive.


The states of Washington and Minnesota obtained the broadest injunction against Trump's original order last month. The effort to enforce that order against the new travel ban directive will be joined by the states of New York and Oregon and perhaps others still to come, Ferguson said.

Katie covered the details of the order, namely that it does not apply to legal aliens and green cardholders from the nations listed in the travel moratorium provision of the order:

The order also places a 120 day hold on U.S. refugee acceptance from any country. From this point forward, there will be a 10-day implementation period and the order will go into effect on March 16. The first executive order Trump issued three weeks ago had Iraq on the list of banned countries, but after verification the local vetting system is capable of keeping terrorists out of the U.S., it was taken off. Green card holders from countries listed in the order are exempt. Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen are still on the list.

The order also does not give exemptions to Christians in the region suffering from genocide, so; again, it’s not a Muslim ban. This legal challenge was expected, as liberals are marching lock-step to oppose anything this administration does, even policies aimed at national security.