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Robby Mook Can’t Really Confirm or Deny Whether Clinton Campaign Had Contact With The Russians

Former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook was less than clear when asked by MSNBC host Craig Melvin about whether the Clinton campaign had contact with the Russians. Since we’re in a ‘who did what with the Kremlin’ kind of mood in Washington, Mook said, “the folks that were managing that within the campaign have said that there were none.” As NTK Network, who clipped this exchanges noted, it appears that Clinton’s top campaign adviser wasn’t in the loop regarding outside communications.


“I think it’s important to step back and not look at this as a question of whether people were meeting with foreign officials,” he said. The thing is Robby; your whole party has been engulfed in what Katrina Vanden Huevel aptly described as a “neo-McCarthyite furor” over Russia, where any contact is viewed as an act of subversion. To boot, Vandel Huevel isn’t a conservative; she’s a die-hard progressive.

In 2012, Democrats mocked Mitt Romney for calling Russia our biggest geopolitical foe. Now, a member of Congress running into a Russian in the bathroom is all but viewed as a violation of the Logan Act by the Left.

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