She's Back: Jill Stein Slams Democrats For Allowing DeVos To Be Confirmed (Even Though All Of Them Voted Against Her)

Posted: Feb 08, 2017 11:45 AM

Dear God—this lady doesn’t know when to quit. The Green Party’s Jill Stein took to Twitter to voice her dismay at the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as education secretary, despite the fact that every Democrat, including two Republicans voted against her. Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Susan Collins (R-ME), both recipients of the teachers’ union war chest, broke ranks, leaving a 50-50 split. For the first time in our history, a sitting vice president, Mike Pence broke the tie to save President Donald Trump’s nominee. The liberal reaction was as expected: this is the end of the world. We all know that’s false. The adults in the country moved on.

Now, I guess I could see where Stein could slam Democrats since it was former Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) who nuked the filibuster rules for non-Supreme Court presidential nominees. A simple majority is all that’s needed to invoke cloture and confirm a nominee. Yet, that’s not what Stein alluded to in her tweets. Again, Ms. Stein is nutbar factor six with this thread. Every Democrat voted against DeVos. The Republicans are in the majority in the Senate—that’s why she got confirmed. Were you around for the 2016 election?

Via The Hill:

Former Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein is accusing Democrats of rolling over and allowing the confirmation of controversial Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

All of the Senate's 48 Democrats voted against DeVos, along with two Republican senators. That forced Vice President Pence to serve as the tie-breaking vote to confirm DeVos on Tuesday, despite a grassroots effort to derail her confirmation after a shaky Senate hearing.

But Stein in a tweet slammed Democrats.

"Why would we have a tie on such an egregious nominee? because Democrats serve corporate interests," Stein tweeted.

Will someone please tell this lady to go home already? Stein, you lost. You lost in 2016 and you became a two-time loser when you decided to torment liberal voters by saying there might have been some interference in the Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania vote tallies that skewed the results towards President Donald Trump. Not the case. It never was. It was a great fundraising scheme in which you raised more money than during your entire presidential campaign. You filed lawsuits that were without merit since you couldn’t prove that such hacking occurred. The Pennsylvania voting machines were not tampered with and the program used to tally results is not connected to the Internet. Trump did best on counties with paper ballots, which were usually rural; Clinton did best in areas with automated voting machines (i.e. the cities). That’s called a normal election.

Her Pennsylvania effort was a disaster. She missed the November 21 voter-initiated recount deadline, which meant that she would have to file a lawsuit to challenge the statewide results, arguing that there was voter fraud or some sort of interference that skewed the results. She didn’t have any because no such evidence existed. She nixed her statewide recount, but filed a federal lawsuit that was rejected. Michigan and Wisconsin agreed to recounts. Stein wanted hand recounts in Wisconsin, though a judge said her campaign didn’t produce evidence that would warrant one, so Stein sued the state. In the end, Trump garnered more votes.

In Michigan, a recount was ordered, but was shut down once it was explicitly clear that Stein had zero chance of winning, thus removing her “aggrieved candidate” status. Trump would clinch these states that haven’t gone Republican since 1984 (Wisconsin) and 1988 (PA, MI).

The Obama White House accepted the results, with the Department of Homeland Security saying that there was no spike in malicious cyber activity on election night that would have suggested an attack.

Now, you go on this odd tangent about Democrats not being able to stop DeVos. They didn't have the vote--and surely your party will never see a member ever take a Senate or House seat ever, so let's try to get a grip here. From her recount antics, which was nothing more than a fundraising ploy and a wild goose chase that played on the downtrodden, shell-shocked feelings of snowflake progressive voters, Ms. Stein doesn't appear to be playing with a full deck again. She thought that floppy disks might have been used to tamper with voting machines. Floppy disks. Need I say more?

As we discuss alternative facts, the Stein recount charade was arguably a grand crusade of alternative facts. 

The election wasn’t hacked and Democrats didn’t support DeVos. Now, when will Jeff Sessions become our next attorney general, so I can watch liberals go nuts again?

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