Fox News' Cavuto to CNN: How Does It Feel To Be Dismissed And Ignored? (Now, You're The Ones Royally...Foxed)

Posted: Jan 14, 2017 8:00 AM

President-elect Donald Trump shut down CNN’s Jim Acosta at his much-anticipated news conference on January 11. Trump slammed the news organization for being terrible.

You are fake news,” Trump said to Acosta after the reporter kept on interrupting the president-elect for a question following the remark.

“Mr. President-elect, that is not appropriate,” said Acosta.

Well, after eight years of Fox News bashing from the Left and the Obama White House, the tables have turned—and host Neil Cavuto seems to be enjoying CNN feeling the cold shoulder from the incoming Trump White House:

“What is it like not to be liked?” Cavuto said of CNN. “Not really fun, is it?” he added. He then says how CNN just can’t stand not being with the in-crowd anymore, while adding that it isn’t fun having their credibility challenged, or having the guy [the president] you’re covering thinking you’re the “piece of work."

Cavuto continued, saying, “it bugs you when someone questions whether you’re fair, doesn’t it? Or cuts you to your journalistic core, doesn’t it. It matters now when it’s about you, doesn’t it?”

“Presidential pile-ons matter when you’re the subject—not so much, actually, scratch that—not at all when let’s say Fox is the subject,” he added. 

Yet, he did offer CNN some defense noting that they’re better than Buzzfeed, though he did not hide his enjoyment from seeing CNN getting kicked in the teeth by Trump.

You’re experiencing what we have been living. Now, you’re the ones royally…Foxed. And the irony is I feel your pain. You never came to our defense, so allow me to come to yours: you’re better than Buzzfeed. But the buzz is you’re getting fed to the wolves. Isn’t it obnoxious and unfair how some celebrate your plight kind of feels like the way you celebrated ours, doesn’t it? They say payback is a bitch. If only you would take a moment to rewind the tape and see the shoe is on the other foot, or am I confusing it with the one now kicking you in the ass? You see it’s hard to tell from where I sit. Back then, your silence was deafening. Very different now, isn’t it? And I suspect, just suspect, now much fun, is it?

CNN is a major news organization that we often cite them on posts. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean we can’t call them out when they’re part of what’s becoming a shoddy news story regarding memos compiled by a former British intelligence operative that reportedly shows the Russians have compromising information on Trump, including salacious details of aberrant sex acts. CNN didn’t publish the memos because they cannot be verified; Buzzfeed didn’t care. They posted them in full and with little to no redactions. As for the operative, now identified as Christopher Steele, he’s disappeared, with eyewitness accounts from his neighbors saying “he hurriedly left his home in Surrey,” which is near London. Members of the news media and the political class, specifically Sen. John McCain who gave additional memos to the FBI (the Bureau already had some on file), have known about this information for months. It was included in a briefing, in which the FBI told Trump about the dossier. Vice President Biden also confirmed that the intelligence community briefed him and outgoing President Obama on the unsubstantiated claims.

Yes, the source may be credible (he’s is said to have worked with our networks in the past), but people can be wrong, especially in the intelligence community. Moreover, when a MSNBC host—Chuck Todd— calls out Buzzfeed for posting fake news, that’s probably a red flag that you really stepped in it.