What A Sad Way To Go: MSNBC's Morning Joe Rips Clinton On Post-Election Blame Game Antics

Posted: Dec 19, 2016 1:30 PM

MSNBC’s Morning Joe ripped Hillary Clinton’s sour grapes post-election persona, where she has blamed Russian hacking and FBI Director James Comey for costing her the election against President-elect Donald Trump. Clinton made these remarks to a bunch of donors last Thursday. Columnist Mike Barnicle said that this was a sad way for Clinton to leave public life, adding that the Comey letter to Congress in which the FBI director said that they would be analyzing new emails found on the laptop of top aide Huma Abedin, reminded people of what Clinton didn’t do concerning handling her email fiasco: be transparent and have a credible story for this unusual email arrangement.

He also said that her campaign had no story, other than “it’s my turn.” The New York Times’ Jeremy Peters noted that this perpetual blame game allows the Clinton and the Democrat to avoid introspection and the tough question about why they lost this election. Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin noted how the GOP being in a state of crisis was always a silly narrative, and that it will cost the Democrats dearly in some key levels of government for quite some time. Moreover, the party’s hesitance to publicly and privately look inward and see how they’ve lost voters won’t help them in their reconstruction period.

Granted, I’m not that upset about Democrats being lost in the political wilderness. As Democrats thought their position in this country was entrenched, the GOP began making inroads into the state legislatures and began a strategy for retaking Congress and hopefully the White House. In 2010, the GOP retook the House. Romney was a misfire in 2012, but two years later Congress was back in Republican hands. By 2016, the GOP is now the dominant political force in the country, with the Electoral College projected to make President-elect Donald J. Trump the official successor to President Obama by January 20.

Republicans control 33 governorships, 69/99 legislatures, and have elected over 4,100 state lawmakers into office, the most ever for the Republican Party since it was founded. We didn’t set dumpsters on fire, demand the Electoral College be abolished, or engage in other puerile antics because we lost an election. We came back stronger than ever. For Democrats, that probably won’t happen as quickly or as smoothly due to their insufferable sense of self-righteousness that has alienated millions of voters who don’t live in California, New York, or the liberal Northeast. In fact, they’re so confident that they’re right that they don’t see these election results as an indicator that they need to change course. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has said as much on the subject because she, being the epitome of the metropolitan elite, really knows what’s happening in Middle America. If the millions of two-time Obama supporters flipping for Trump isn’t a red flag for these people, then nothing is.