Sore Losers? Clinton Campaign Joins Green Party Recount Effort

Posted: Nov 26, 2016 7:00 PM
Sore Losers? Clinton Campaign Joins Green Party Recount Effort

When the president of the United States says it’s time to concede, you know you’ve probably lost.

Moreover, the Obama administration, who has heavily criticized Russia for trying to influence the 2016 presidential race, said that there was no unusual cyber activity that would suggest any hacking occurred on election night, and that the results reflect the will of the people. Data crunchers and analysts from FiveThirtyEight, The New York Times, and The Cook Political Report have all pretty much scoffed at the notion that the results were skewed due to outside influences, especially in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. 

Nevertheless, these shoddy concerns formed the basis for Green Party candidate Jill Stein to launch a recount effort in these three states. Wisconsin said they’re moving forward with it—and now the Clinton campaign is joining the effort. 

So, what about all that talk about accepting the results of an election?

Via NBC News:

Hillary Clinton's campaign said Saturday it intends to back the statewide election recount effort in the battleground state of Wisconsin spearheaded by third-party candidate Jill Stein.

The Clinton team had been quiet about Stein's crusade, but campaign lawyer Marc Elias said that because a recount was set into motion Friday — and could begin as soon as next week — they want to see a "fair" process for all involved

"Because we had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves," Elias wrote in a Medium post explaining the decision, "but now that a recount has been initiated in Wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides."

In short: the Clinton campaign, like everyone else that hasn’t been sniffing glue, knows that there’s nothing to these allegations of hacking with this recount exercise. There’s nothing that they could challenge, but now that one has successfully been filed—they’re all onboard? This is pie-in-the-sky. And these antics are (again) an exercise in abject cruelty that’s being inflicted on liberals by the Green Party and now the Democratic Party elites. As Dave Weigel noted in Washington Post, a recount wouldn’t uncover any evidence of hacking if there were any and many view this as a waste of time. NBC added that Stein is hoping to raise $7 million for this effort. She has $5.7 million as of today. At the same time, the Green Party doesn’t seem to be happy that the Clinton campaign is joining their recount effort either.

I knew liberals were shell shocked over President-elect Donald Trump’s upset win over Hillary Clinton, but I’d never thought it would be this extensive. This is pretty pathetic. The campaign couldn’t find legitimate evidence to suggest hacking swayed the election, or any credible evidence of irregularities, in order to petition for a recount of their own, but they’re going to allow a third-party outlet to be the sacrificial lamb. This is just sore loser syndrome. These folks still can’t let a simple fact seep into their head: Clinton was a terrible candidate who didn’t excite anyone on the Left—and that showed with the depressed turnouts in Democratic bastions in the key areas of the states that are being targeted for recounts by Stein.

Michael Moore aptly noted how the people of Flint felt stabbed in the back when Obama drank the water in a much-publicized media event, told the press that all is well, and then everyone left. The photo op was taken. Mission accomplished. Yeah, and these folks are a) going to get excited about voting; and b) vote for the party that just took away the media attention on their plight. Sure. It seemed to be another example of the elites ignoring the working class. Economic conditions haven’t gotten better under Obama and the Democrats, so why vote for them? Clinton ended up getting over 26,000 fewer votes than Obama this cycle.

We’ve said this ad nauseum. Clinton performed badly in the urban areas, while Trump dominated the rural counties. The point is that Clinton blew it in these counties as earning the same share of the vote in Flint and Wayne County, which includes Detroit, Clinton would’ve easily won Michigan. Oh, and Clinton got a little over 77,000 fewer votes in Wayne County than Obama did in 2012. In Milwaukee, Clinton got a little over 39,000 fewer votes than Obama; Trump won the state by 27,257.

Liberals need to understand that Clinton was a terrible campaigner, who ignored millions of voters, while her data operation didn’t account for, or simply missed, the millions of Obama supporters who flipped for Trump in these states as well. She lost. Period.

Yet, this recount drama is just beginning. On Monday, Stein is expected to file a recount petition in Michigan, while in Pennsylvania, the deadline for a recount has passed. Stein will have to challenge the results in court, according to The New York Times.

Oh, and Stein is interested in other states where deadlines for recounts haven’t passed. This is just a total clown show.